Report from Sweden : The 10th consecutive day of our hunger strike to support Falun Dafa practitioners in Masanjia labour camp

Gothenburg, Sweden, 8 September 2001 - Today marks the 10th consecutive day of our hunger strike in front of the consulate to support the noble struggle of Falun Dafa practitioners in Masanjia Labour Camp. Practitioners in Sweden have taken turns to do the hunger strike for 48 hours. We set up a camp by the roadside for the practitioners who are on hunger strike to sleep at night. Large banners and posters exposed the criminal acts against Falun Dafa practitioners in Masanjia and other places in China. One of the banners has a clear messag: "Evil will be rewarded with evil, good with good". This message is a benevolent remainder to those who were participating in committing evil deeds.

Although the consulate is located on the outskirts of the city, many local business people and truck drivers pass our site everyday because a large wholesale store is nearby. They slow down their cars or trucks to read our messages and wave to us.

Several attempts were made by the people from the consulate to intimidate us by driving their car slowing passed us repeatedly for a long time. One night they stopped at our site and shone a torch light at a lady practitioner. We informed the police about these encounters. The excellent Gothenburg police protected us by visiting us. Once 4 police officers came at the same time. We talked and laughed together. We realised that they were actually showing their compassionate nature as well as doing their work as true guardians of innocent people. Those police officers in China, who took part in the brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners, should be ashamed of themselves because they had discredited the police profession. They should learn from their colleagues in Sweden.

We shall continue our peaceful action in front of the consulate until we know more about the plight of the Falun Dafa disciples in Masanjia. Our actions will always be benevolent, our thoughts always righteous, and our hearts always pure.

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