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  • Older Ms. Ji Shouling Arrested and Beaten for Suing Jiang Zemin

    My name is Ji Shouling, and I am a Falun Gong practitioner in my 60s from Shandong Province. I was arrested on September 26th because I filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin with the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Supreme People's Court. The police chief dragged me by my hair and threw me to the ground. He kicked and beat me.
  • Teacher Dies 11 Weeks After Suing Former Chinese Leader for Imprisonment, Torture

    Mr. Xi Changhai died on September 25th, 2015, less than three months after he filed a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin for launching the persecution of Falun Gong that led to his imprisonment and subsequent torture. In 2008, the 68-year-old was sentenced to 11 years for practising Falun Gong. The prison eventually released him on medical parole in 2013, when he was on the verge of death from torture. Unfortunately, Mr. Xi was never able to recover from his torture-induced injuries and health problems.
  • Woman Dies While Serving 3.5 Years for Practising Falun Gong, Family Suspects Foul Play

    Ms. Li Guixiang died in late September 2015 while serving three and a half years for practising and spreading information about Falun Gong, a spiritual practice being persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime. Her family suspected that she might have been tortured during her imprisonment, as she was only in her early 50's and had no prior medical conditions.
  • Woman Falls Unconscious While Forcibly Having Blood Drawn, Dies 6 Days Later

    A 66-year-old woman was left unattended for more than two hours after she fell unconscious while having her blood forcibly drawn by police. She died six days later in a hospital. Ms. Liu Lanying from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province was arrested on August 18th, 2015 for distributing informational materials about Falun Gong, a self-cultivation system being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Thirty Death Cases of Falun Gong Practitioners Confirmed in 2015

    Fourteen Falun Gong practitioners are confirmed to have been tortured to death in the first three months of 2015. In addition, 16 death cases that occurred between 2007 and 2014 have been recently confirmed. Among these 30 cases, 18 were female practitioners and 12 were male. The age ranges were from 36 to 79. Twenty-seven of these practitioners were sentenced to prisons, labour camps, detention centres and/or jailed in brainwashing centres before death. The longest sentence was 13 years. All of the practitioners experienced severe torture before death, including being subjected to brainwashing, brutal beatings, sleep deprivation, and electric shocks.
  • Belated News: Man Dies from Multiple Organ Failure Caused by Labour Camp Torture

    Mr. Chi Yaocai died as a result of multiple organ failure on February 11th, 2015. He was 55 years old. Mr. Cai was arrested in 2011 for exposing the persecution of Falun Gong. He was given two years of forced labour and sent to the Chaoyanggou Forced Labour Camp, a detention facility notorious for its maltreatment of Falun Gong practitioners. Like many other detained practitioners, Mr. Cai was assaulted and tortured when he refused to give up his belief.
  • Woman Dies One Month After 5.5-Year Imprisonment for Practising Falun Gong

    Ms. Dong Shaotai was released in April after spending five and a half years in prison for talking to the public about Falun Gong, a spiritual practice being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. She died, however, one month later on May 19th, as a result of the multiple organ failure she developed during her imprisonment. She was 74.
  • Woman Dies 10 Days after Release; Family Suspects Poisoning

    Ms. Xiao Aixiu died just 10 days after her release from a local detention centre. She had hallucinations, and her skin was a strange colour during her final days. Her family suspected that she was poisoned while she was being detained. Ms. Xiao was arrested on September 28th, 2014, for talking to people about how the Chinese Communist Party is wrong to persecute Falun Gong, a practice that had transformed her life.
  • Hebei Man Dies from Torture-induced Health Problems After Years of Suffering

    Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Guo Zhengqing died on September 14th, 2015, after suffering from torture-induced health problems for more than a decade. The 55-year-old man was arrested in Tiananmen Square on April 25th, 2001 while unfurling a banner reading “Practising Falun Gong is a Human Right.” He was kept at a detention centre for 20 months, during which time he was tortured so badly that he sustained severe brain injuries and had trouble moving his hands and legs. The police kept harassing him at home after he was released in 2005. Mr. Guo was never able to recover, and by December 2014, he had lost the ability to talk or move.
  • Driven Insane in Police Custody, Woman Made to Stand Trial

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Sun Jinjun was tried in Tiexi District Court in Liaoning province on August 14th, 2015. She was charged with practising and distributing information about Falun Gong. Her lawyer argued that Ms. Sun should not have been prosecuted in the first place, as no law in China has ever criminalized the practice of Falun Gong, and that she did nothing wrong by pursuing her spiritual belief. Ms. Sun developed schizophrenia 15 years ago as a result of abuse she suffered at a labour camp. She remains detained.
  • Woman from Inner Mongolia Severely Tortured During 6 Arrests and 8 Years of Incarceration

    Ms. Cui Cuixia has been arrested six times by the Chinese authorities because she refused to renounce her faith in Falun Gong. Since 1999, she has spent eight years and eight months in prisons, labour camps, and detention centres. She is currently serving a four-year prison term that ends in April 2016. She has endured brutal torture along the way.
  • The Ruthless Behaviour of Beijing Police

    Ms. Chen Yuqing and her daughter, both Falun Gong practitioners, were awakened around midnight by banging at their door and shouts that their house was on fire. There was no sign of a fire however, so they did not open the door. Yang Jinlong and other officers from the Shuguang Police Station then broke down the door and arrested Ms. Chen and her daughter. This occurred on July 19th, 2015.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture Renders Practitioners Unrecognizable at Death

    Since 1999, the communist regime in China has regularly used torture in its campaign to force Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their belief. During his ten years in Panjin Prison, Mr. Huang was beaten and tortured with electric batons. During a family visit in October 2009, an inmate had to hold him up. His own wife could not recognize him. He was extremely frail, his teeth were severely deformed, his body was shaking uncontrollably, and he partially lost his hearing. Five days after the visit on October 25th, 2010, prison authorities notified his family that Mr. Huang had died in prison.
  • Imprisoned Falun Gong Practitioner Dies Awaiting Medical Care

    Mr. Feng Xue fell critically ill in the early afternoon on August 10th, 2015, and died just a few hours later. As he was fighting for his life, the guards at Hulan Prison spent hours waiting for their supervisor to return from out of town to make the decision on his medical care. When the supervisor finally showed up to check on Mr. Feng, there were already no vital signs. The 47-year-old man from Heilongjiang Province passed away at 5:30 p.m. that day while serving 9 years for practising Falun Gong. His family is contemplating a wrongful death lawsuit against the prison for delayed medical care of their loved one.
  • Practitioner Dies Hours After Arrest in Hengshui

    Fifteen Falun Gong practitioners from Hengshui City, Hebei Province were arrested on August 21st, 2015, and one of them, Mr. Yuan, 65, suddenly passed away just hours later on the day of his arrest. Prior to his arrest, Mr. Yuan had his home ransacked by local police on June 18th. The officers confiscated many of his personal belongings, including two laptop computers, two printers, one CD burner, and three paper cutters. At the time of this writing, 13 of the practitioners remain in detention.