Switzerland: Hunger Strike For Freedom Of Conscience (Photos)

A Press Release from the Swiss Falun Dafa Association

Swiss practitioners held a press conference to expose the truth about the Hong Kong trial and Jiang Zemin's extending his persecution of Falun Gong to other countries. They are holding a hunger strike on August 13 and 14 to support the practitioners in Hong Kong.

The press statement is as follows:

Four Swiss Falun Gong practitioners and 12 from Hong Kong were arrested and dragged through a trial that should never have taken place. They were peacefully and legally calling for a halt to the terrible repression in China conducted by Jiang Zemin against Falun Gong.

Under insidious pressure from China, charges of obstructing the public highway and assaulting police officers were brought against them. It was nevertheless clear from the outset, thanks to the various videos and photographs, that the said charges were absolutely groundless. This trial violates not only the established laws of Hong Kong but also international law. It is therefore totally unacceptable.

By way of protest against this travesty of justice and without waiting for the verdict [on 15 August], the practitioners from Hong Kong, including the accused, have decided to initiate a hunger strike in the centre of Hong Kong from 12 to 14 August.

We, the Swiss Falun Gong practitioners, wholeheartedly support their actions, and have also decided to go on a hunger strike in Bern from 13 to 14 August. Together with them, we denounce:

  1. The persecution of Falun Gong in China

  2. The extension of this persecution to include Hong Kong

  3. The violation of the rights of freedom of expression and assembly, despite their being guaranteed after the handover of Hong Kong.

Humanity today desperately needs Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. Let us not allow these fundamental universal principles from the teachings of Falun Gong to be threatened.

Help us to defend them!

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