Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Cao Ruitang Forcibly Taken to a Brainwashing Centre

Mr. Cao Ruitang, in his fifties, and his wife own a store in the Xingan Market in Langfang, Hebei Province. On November 22nd, at around 9:30 a.m., about 20 officers from the Guangyang Police Department in Langfang drove four or five vehicles to the store. Some of the officers wore police uniforms, some wore ballistic vests and others were in plain clothes. The three plain-clothes policemen entered the store first and surrounded Mr. Cao, intending to take him away. Mr. Cao attempted to talk to them rationally when a group of officers rushed in shouting: “Handcuff him!” and “Carry him away!” Mr. Cao was then forcibly carried to a vehicle and taken away. At the same time, policewoman Xing Pingyu led about 10 officers to surround Mr. Cao's wife to intimidate her and prevent her from stopping the arrest.

In the afternoon, Mr. Cao's wife called the Guangyang Police Department and asked for Mr. Cao's whereabouts. The answer she received was: “He has been sent to the brainwashing centre.” The next day, Mr. Cao's son and daughter-in-law went to the brainwashing centre and requested to see him. The guards refused them entry, however, they were able to get into the brainwashing centre when they saw an open door. The guards then had to allow them to see Mr. Cao.

On the third day, November 24th, Mr. Cao's wife and relatives went to the brainwashing centre and requested Mr. Cao’s release. The guards would not open the door. Mr. Cao's wife and relatives remained at the entrance demanding to see Mr. Cao. A man in his fifties came out and said they were not allowed to visit Mr. Cao. Mr. Cao's wife pleaded: “We are good people, what law are we violating? ”

After a while, Chen Bin from the brainwashing centre approached them. He told Mr. Cao's family to go home. He said claimed: “He is being treated very well. He suffers no abuse and someone from your town is accompanying him.” The guards then tried to take photographs of Mr. Cao's family. They refused and asked: “Why do you want our photos? Is it because you want to persecute family and relatives?”

Relevant departments:
The Langfang 610 Office:
Langfang Detention Centre
Guangyang Police Department: +86-316-2238110

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