Yongchuan Police Persecute Retired Cadre Mr. Su Junru

Mr. Su Junru, 76, a retired cadre from the 205 Geological Team, Chongqing, was recently persecuted by police and brutally tortured at the Xishanping Forced Labour Camp. As a result, he cannot walk properly.

On the morning of September 30th, several officers from the Domestic Security Division of Yongchuan District Police Department in Chongqing went to Mr. Su’s home. They tricked Mr. Su’s wife into opening the door. They then entered and confiscated, among other things, a laptop, two printers, Falun Gong books, and materials exposing the persecution of Falun Gong.

On October 1st, section leader Deng Guangqi and officers from the First Section of Yongchuan District Police Department broke into Mr. Su’s home with the intention of forcing Mr. Su to sign his name on the list of personal property that had been previously confiscated. Mr. Su refused, and the officers left empty handed.

Deng Guangqi went to harass Mr. Su again in mid-November. Mr. Su was not at home at the time, so they took Mr. Su’s wife, in her 70s, to the security section. Deng Guangqi again tricked her and she signed her name on the list of the personal property confiscated. Two days later, Mr. Su received notification that he was sentenced to two years of forced labour. Mr. Su’s family is preparing to apply for reconsideration of the sentencing.

Doctor Zhang Shuihe was also repeatedly harassed by Deng Guangqi and personnel from the Shenglilu Comprehensive Administration Office and the Yupingju Neighbourhood Committee. They demanded that she give up her practice of Falun Gong and her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and sign the three statements to that effect. However, she refused. In mid-November 2011, Luo Mingquan and others from the Shenglilu Comprehensive Administration Office went to Dr. Zhang’s clinic to again demand her signature, but she once again refused.

Deng Guangqi, Section Leader, First Section, Yongchuan District Police Department
Luo Mingquan, Director, Shenglilu Comprehensive Administration Office: +86-13883780718 (Mobile), +86-23-49866434 (Office)

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