Mr. Liu Yong from Nanchang Sentenced to Seven Years in Ganjiang Prison

Name: Liu Yong
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Address: Qingshanhu District, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Most Recent Arrest: June 9th, 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention: Jiangxi Province Ganjiang Prison
City: Nanchang
Province: Jiangxi
Persecution Suffered: Detention, home ransacked, interrogation, sleep deprivation, brutal beatings, handcuffed and shackled, imprisonment

On June 9th, 2010, Falun Gong practitioners Liu Yong, Liao Xiaolin, and Wan Jinlian were arrested by Domestic Security Division police from the Qingshanhu District in Nanchang. They were all severely tortured during interrogation.

Mr. Liu Yong was arrested at home, then imprisoned at the Beidou Building in Xinjian County. Approximately eight officials from the Domestic Security Division and the 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) took turns interrogating him, depriving him of sleep for five days and nights. They tortured him brutally, including striking his face with shoes, severe beatings to his nose and legs, and rubbing mint oil into his eyes. His vision was completely impaired and has only now recovered.

On June 14th, Mr. Liu was transferred to the Nanchang First Detention Centre. A guard struck and injured him with a wooden stick. Later, he was handcuffed and shackled, then deprived of sleep for four days and nights.

On July 20th, several officers from the Domestic Security Division of the Qingshanhu District Police Station and 610 Office took Mr. Liu from the detention centre. They took turns interrogating him continuously for six days and nights.

On November 30th, the Qingshanhu District Court tried Liu Yong, Liao Xiaolin, and Wan Jinlian. However, no verdicts were announced, so Mr. Liu was taken back to the detention centre.

At 9:30 a.m. on April 25th, 2011, the Qingshanhu District Court again tried these three Falun Gong practitioners who cultivated Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Judge Lai Hongyu announced the verdicts after only ten minutes of deliberation. Mr. Liu was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment, Liao Xiaolin (who is handicapped) was sentenced to one and a half years, and Wan Jinlian was sentenced to one year. Mr. Liu filed an appeal immediately with the Jiangxi Province Intermediate Court. However, the court upheld the verdict due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). On June 22nd, Mr. Liu was taken to the Jiangxi Province Ganjiang Prison.

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