Shanghai Prison Continues to Persecute a Falun Gong Practitioner Despite His Worsening Eye Condition

On January 18th, 2011, Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison was under pressure to take Mr. Guo Xiaojun, a Falun Gong practitioner and former lecturer at Shanghai Transportation University, to Nanhui Prison hospital for an eye exam. The optometrist there identified Mr. Guo's eye problem as a retinal artery spasm. If not treated immediately, he said it could lead to permanent blindness. Within the last three weeks, Mr. Guo experienced blurred vision at least six times, lasting more than 30 minutes each time, and it was happening more frequently. Prison authorities still tried to force Guo Xiaojun to attend a “psychology” session, in reality a brainwashing session attempting to pressure Mr. Guo to “transform” [forcibly renounce Falun Gong]. After he refused to attend the session, three inmates were assigned to monitor him and verbally abuse him with dirty words, but that was temporarily called off to avoid more eye spasms.

Lately, the prison captain has said, “Guo Xiaojun's condition is not life threatening—the worst that could happen is that he could become handicapped.” Although he was not considered a patient, Guo's family wanted to see the hospital's report. Unfortunately, their request was immediately rejected by Captain Yu Shuguang, who said that it was impossible and unprecedented. Yu Shuguang controls the prison section where Mr. Guo Xiaojun is detained.

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Liu Jinbao, head of Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison: 86-21-35104888

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