Jiamusi Prison Personnel and Police Seize Practitioners' Family Members

In order to achieve a “transformation” [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] rate of 85 per cent, Jiamusi Prison set up the “Strict Management Ward” to escalate the persecution in February 2011. Three Falun Gong practitioners—Mr. Qin Yueming, Mr. Yu Yungang, and Mr. Liu Chuanjiang—were tortured to death within two weeks. The families of detained practitioners are worried about their loved ones and have been asking for family visits. Jiamusi Prison authorities are afraid that their crimes will become public knowledge and are even more afraid of being held responsible. They are taking every measure necessary to cover up their crimes. Instead exercising restraint in their treatment of practitioners, they have formed a Special Service Team to tighten their control. The team patrols the prison, monitors and searches visitors, and prevents people from talking about the deaths. Aided by the Lianjiangkou Police Sub-Bureau, Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau, and the local police station, they harass the families of practitioners who come to express their concerns. Four incidents have occurred recently in which family members were either beaten or taken away.

1. Family Member Mr. Li Shaotie Taken Away

The six-year terms of two detained Falun Gong practitioners expired on March 21st, 2011. Their families went to the prison and asked if the release date was that day or the next. About four plainclothes officers surrounded Mr. Li Shaotie, who is about 60, and asked for his ID. Mr. Li didn't show his ID since the officers were in plainclothes. He asked, “Who are you? What right do have you to check my ID?” They ordered Mr. Li to go with them without showing their identification. Mr. Li refused to follow their orders. He said, “Our society the ruled by law. What right do you have to take me away?” Mr. Li and other family members walked outside and the plainclothes officers followed along.

They didn't let Mr. Li Shaotie go at a road crossing. They grabbed him when he refused to listen to them. They requested a car and took Mr. Li to Lianjiangkou Police Sub-Bureau. They later took him to Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau. Mr. Li fainted several times in the sub-bureau. The police had to send him to the hospital by ambulance. Mr. Li's blood pressure reached 185 and he was force-fed drugs. The police took him to Jiamusi Detention Centre by ambulance. The detention centre authorities refused to admit Mr. Li. Zhang Weiming and several officers from Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau had to take him back to the sub-bureau. The sub-bureau authorities didn't want to be held responsible and let Mr. Li go home.

Mr. Li was so weak he had to crawl out of the Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau. He crawled onto the road and took a taxi. The taxi driver helped him get home.

2. Ms. Lu Xiuyun and Ms. Zhang Lijuan Taken Away

Ms. Lu Xiuyun and Ms. Zhang Lijuan were putting some Falun Gong informational stickers inside a building near the Jiamusi Prison at around 3:00 p.m. on March 21st, 2011. A police officer saw them and reported the incident. A police car came and four officers pushed the women into the car. They were taken to Lianjiangkou Police Sub-Bureau and videotaped. They were later taken to Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau.

Upon hearing the news, Ms. Lu and Ms. Zhang's family went to Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau to request their release. Ms. Lu and Ms. Zhang were released at 11:00 p.m. that same day.

3. Ms. Jin Xiufeng in Critical Condition after Being Detained

Ms. Jin Xiufeng was arrested by Mou Zhonghui, deputy director of Lianjiangkou Police Sub-Bureau, and two other officers as she was walking near Jiamusi Prison at around 10:00 p.m. on March 13th, 2011. The officers took her to Lianjiangkou Police Sub-Bureau. They asked her if she was posting Falun Gong information. Ms. Jin said, “I was walking.” Mou Zhonghui showed her a Falun Gong informational sticker and said, “This was newly posted. It was you who posted it.” He then kicked Ms. Jin.

Zhang Weiming and several officers took Ms. Jin to the Domestic Security Division of Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau. Ms. Jin's family went to Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau to ask that she be released. Instead of releasing her, they sent her to the detention centre. Ms. Jin started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. She was in critical condition six days later. She lost consciousness, and had no blood pressure and no pulse. Jiamusi Detention Centre was afraid of being held responsible and reported it to Jiamusi Suburban Police Sub-Bureau. The sub-bureau had to release Ms. Jin.

4. Mr. Jiang Botao's Relative Beaten

Practitioner Mr. Jiang Botao's family of ten from Qitaihe City went to Jiamusi Prison on March 11th. The prison only let two non-practitioner relatives go in, and ordered them to slander Falun Gong. The two relatives asked Mr. Jiang whether he had been beaten. Mr. Jiang confirmed, “Yes, I was beaten on my head and chest. I now have a headache and chest pain.” The guard heard the conversation and switched off their phone calls immediately. The half-hour meeting time was cut to ten minutes. The family asked to resume the meeting and noticed a plainclothes officer videotaping them. They asked the person, “Who are you? Why are you videotaping us?” That person lied and said he was a reporter and left.

More than ten plainclothes officers went into the room at around 11:00 a.m. One family member heard someone speak to the others, saying “Drive them off. Beat them if they don't leave. Hit the younger ones.” The plainclothes officers walked towards the family members and yelled, “We'll seize you if you don't go away.” They then started to push and pull the family members. A group of uniformed prison guards were standing nearby.

One plainclothes officer asked to see Mr. Jiang Botao's sister-in-law's ID. She took out her ID and said, “I have my ID. Why should I give it to you?” The officer pulled and pushed her, and she fell down. Her coat was torn. Mr. Jiang's sister was also pushed to the ground. Mr. Jiang's wife tried to help her sister when a plainclothes officer hit her mouth. She fell down, too.

Mr. Jiang Botao's other sister-in-law recently had surgery and was kicked right on the wound on her chest by an officer. She was kicked to the ground and went into convulsions. Prison personnel did nothing to help her. Her family took her to the hospital afterwards. The family reported this to Heilongjiang Prison Management and is waiting for further investigation.

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