Swedish Art Purveyors Awestruck by Shen Yun

On April 5, 2010, a full house gathered to witness Shen Yun perform in Stockholm's historic theatre, Cirkus. Swedish Opera singer Mira Pyne, a young and celebrated soprano, attended Shen Yun's sold-out performance.

World Famous Soprano: "It was fantastically good!"

Santanu Pyne is a musician and singer from India, with his wife Mira Pyne, a young and celebrated soprano.

"It was fantastically good!" said Ms. Pyne.

Ms. Pyne performed as the soloist with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra at last year's Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm.

She said she could feel the connection that Asians have between the fine arts and spirituality.

Her husband, Santanu Pyne, is a musician and singer from India. He said, "The choreography and performance are genius, which must be the result of very hard work".

Ms. Pyne has enjoyed learning more about her husband's native Indian culture. She was glad to experience Chinese myths and legends that Shen Yun displayed so elegantly.

"On the whole, Shen Yun was, in fact, very successful."

Head of the City's Cultural Department: "Incredibly Colourful...Energetic"

Mrs. Berit Svedberg is the head of the Cultural Department of the City of Stockholm. She and her daughter, who accompanied her, were very impressed with Shen Yun's amazing display of traditional Chinese culture.

"Wonderful music and lots of joy in the dancing," said Mrs. Svedberg. She said she would recommend it to everyone: they should all see the show and absorb the ancient culture of China.

"It's such an incredibly colourful show--very lively and energetic," said Mrs. Svedberg, who once holidayed in China "many, many years ago".

"It's wonderful to experience such an old, rich cultural heritage! It is really a shame ... that they can't perform in China," she added.


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