Taiwan: Shen Yun Inspires Audience in Kaohsiung

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan - On the afternoon of March 31st, Dr. Lin Jianzhi, chair of Lions Club International of District 300-D2, watched the second show of Shen Yun Performing Arts in Kaohsiung, along with his wife and two children. Amazed at Shen Yun's classical Chinese dance, which presents the essence of a divinely inspired culture, Dr. Lin said admiringly, "Shen Yun has educational connotations."

After watching the show, Dr. Lin said, "Our modern society puts a great deal of emphasis on utilitarianism. Shen Yun presents what modern people are lacking, with traditional ethics and morality included in its programs."

He was particularly touched by the lyrics sung by soprano Pi-ju Huang: "The haze of this mundane world/ deludes people so/ Caught up in selfish gain, pride, and emotion, ... ."

Lin Jianzhi was impressed with the programme about Falun Gong practitioners who adhere to their belief even when subjected to brutal persecution by the Chinese Communist Party. Admiring the practitioners' steadfast determination, he said, "All the Falun Gong practitioners I come into contact with are very friendly. I had just read some news reports about Falun Gong. But today's programme encourages me to know more about Falun Gong."

Meanwhile, historical figures are fully portrayed through the performers' excellent skills and the rich variation of classical Chinese dance. Lin Jianzhi, who often takes his children to performing arts, sincerely admired Shen Yun performers for their portrayal of certain characters. He said, "Wu Song Battles the Tiger is very vivid and lively. It allows little kids to understand its implied meaning. Though the performance appears simple, it involves lots of expertise. They must have undergone intensive training to present such a perfect performance."

At the end of the interview, Lin Jianzhi said that he had attended numerous Broadway shows with a live orchestra. In his opinion, Shen Yun brought top-notch performing arts to Taiwan and deserved the title of the "world-class show." He hoped that there would be a high-class performance center in southern Taiwan to match up to such a top-notch performing company as Shen Yun.

Lions Club Governor: Profound Implications

Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company presented its 2010 premiere show in Kaohsiung at the Kaohsiung Cultural Center on the evening of March 30th. Deeply moved and enlightened by the superb performance, Mr. Zhang Ruitai, governor of the District 300E1 Lions Clubs International, highly praised the show. He said, "Every programme was marvelous, and especially The Buddha's Teachings Spread Far and Wide impressed me the most, and I believe what it demonstrated is true."

Accompanied by his wife, Ms. Yang Shuzhen, he added that every programme was wonderfully presented, and that the vocal and dancing performances were so exquisite and graceful that what was showcased were scenes like a fairyland that could bring unforgettable memories to our minds. He also stated that the story about a Falun Gong practitioner who unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square with the words "Falun Dafa is Good" in the programme Astounding Conviction also deeply touched his heart.

As the president of Cardon Enterprise Company, who fervently loves traditional Chinese culture and legends, Mr. Zhang said, "Since Shen Yen depicts the traditional Chinese culture and legends through beautiful music and graceful dances, it has educational meaning ... Therefore, it should be widely promoted. Take Wu Song Battles the Tiger and Splitting the Mountain for instance. Shen Yun played out these familiar legendary stories so wonderfully that they were truly feasts for the eyes and deserve to be appreciated time and time again."

Mr. Zhang continued, "The scenes of the Shen Yun show were really very spectacular and overwhelming, and the classical Chinese dances were also very graceful and touching. The traditional Chinese culture can purify people and make us feel very peaceful. This is what our society needs the most. Nowadays most people tend to be impatient and restless because society is in chaos. The dance Nothing Can Block The Divine Path was very inspiring. Being a Buddhist, I firmly believe that nothing can block the divine path as long as we have the confidence."



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