People In China Come to Realise The Truth

I will also tell others about the Truth from Now On

Recently I was clarifying the truth to a person who was deeply deceived by lies. At first, she had difficulties believing me, and also said some words that were not good.

One day, I gave her a copy of a VCD about the truth of the "self-immolation" incident. (an incident staged by Jiang Zemin's regime to frame Falun Gong, in which, tragically, gross injury and loss of life occurred) The next day I saw her, she said to me angrily, "It's so terrible, (Jiang) doesn't even give a thought to human life. I want to read your book; what on earth is in this book, Falun Gong that has scared this evil tyrant Jiang?"

After she received the book, she read through Zhuan Falun without a break. When I met her again she said to me, "This book is really good. It teaches people how to be a good people and to be kind. If we would all learn from this book, how happy the people in our country would be!" She had to choke back sobs, and then she said, "It is we deceived people who are persecuted because we are being kept in our ignorance. No wonder you are telling the truth and distributing flyers without worrying about your own life and death. I will also let people know the truth from now on."

Later she played the VCD to her family and then told me with relief: "My family has also awakened."

The Righteous Thoughts of Friends and Relatives

A Dafa practitioner was locked up in a brainwashing centre; her husband spoke loudly outside, "Did people die of practicing Falun Gong? Total nonsense! My wife had sickness everywhere in her body before and now all the illnesses are gone since she started practicing Falun Gong. I see Falun Gong is good."

An aged couple were arrested, their home was searched and properties confiscated because they clarified the truth to the people. Their daughter went to the police station, wanting to obtain the release of her parents. An evil policeman viciously threatened her. The daughter responded with the force of justice, "Are you still Chinese? If your own parents at such an old age spoke some truths, would you also treat them in such a way?

Don't you still have any sense of traditional Chinese morality in you?" The police were speechless. That same night, her mother was released.

Stories from a Police Substation in Hebei Province

The head of a police substation in Hebei Province took a truth-clarifying CD and watched it earnestly at home. He came to understand what it was about and made up his mind to practise Falun Gong in the process. He found a practitioner where he could borrow Dafa books. He received a copy of Falun Gong and only was able to read it halfway before his friend grabbed it from him because he also longed to read this book!

The head of another police substation in Hebei Province has been dealing with Dafa practitioners for three years. Finally he realized that they are all good people. Because a lot of practitioners clarified the truth to him, he had a quite deep understanding of Dafa. Sometime ago the city's 610 office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.) asked this station's staff to arrest and detain Dafa practitioners in brain-washing classes. The police substation head told someone to notify practitioners to leave home in order to avoid persecution. Then the officers involved reported to the authorities that "Nobody was at home so they didn't arrest anyone."


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