For Refusing to Curse Others, I Was Kidnapped -
A Non-Practitioner Exposes Police Brutality

As spring arrived in March, and everything was being renewed, Changchun was reduced to a near police state. Police vehicles were everywhere, arresting countless Falun Gong practitioners and sending them off to be tortured.

On March 5, eight channels of the Changchun Cable network broadcast programs exposing the lies composed by the Chinese authorities and revealed the truth about the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. After the broadcast, the police officers stationed themselves at each corner of the city, questioning and searching passers-by. Uniformed and plainclothes police were everywhere. They conducted door-to-door searches, combing the city for Falun Gong practitioners. Even I, who did not practise Falun Gong, was also stopped while walking on the street. They demanded that I curse Dafa and Mr. Li Hongzhi. If I cursed them, I would be released; otherwise, I would be taken away. I am an educated, dignified person, I would not curse people, nor would I follow others to do things against my will. Therefore, together with many others who also refused, I was forcefully pushed into a police van and sent to a place that had no sign indicating that it was a police department. The "staff" there did not wear police uniforms. Every staff member looked like a hired thug. After we got out of the police van, they slapped us in the face and ordered us to tell them our names. They used every imaginable torture to force us to tell them whether we had participated in the March 5 TV incident.

A woman did not cooperate with them, so the police handcuffed both of her hands behind her back. They forcefully pulled her arms upward and pushed her head down between her legs, so that she could hardly breathe. They repeated this torture three times, putting the woman in great agony. After the torture, she could not straighten out her arms, and her legs were severely injured from being kicked. She was also slapped in the face countless times.

Then it was my turn to be interrogated. I hastily explained that I did not practise Falun Gong. The interrogator said angrily while cursing, "If you don't practise Falun Gong, why would you come here to cause trouble?" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I said, "It is not me who came here to look for trouble, but it was you who kidnapped me here." The interrogator did not know what to say and became angry, and slapped me twice in the face.

In this way, after being beaten and interrogated one by one, a few dozen of us were illegally imprisoned.

During the imprisonment, I found out that this place was the Changchun Tiebei "610" brainwashing class, a temporary institution unlawfully set up under Jiang's orders. It was said that such institutions had been set up all over the country to carry out the persecution of Falun Gong. They claimed, "We are not afraid if someone dies here, we are not afraid of being charged. If someone is beaten to death, it is counted as suicide."

The people imprisoned here were a group of innocent Falun Gong practitioners. They suffered the cruel tortures everyday. The police tried to force them to give up their practice. I met some practitioners who were persecuted here:

Wang Xiuping, a woman in her sixties, was kidnapped from home and sent to the Changchun Daguang Detention Centre. She went on a hunger strike for 15 days to protest the illegal kidnapping. Later she was transferred to the Changchun Heizuizi Female Forced Labour Camp, where the officials refused to accept her due to her critical health condition. In this situation, she should have been released or sent to the hospital for rescue, but the police sent her here instead. The thugs force-fed her everyday and refused to release her.

An elderly lady in her seventies, Tao Junying, was arrested for practising Falun Gong. Because of her old age and rather weak physical condition, no other place would accept her. Because she did not write the so-called "Promise to break from Falun Gong", she was also detained here.

What was more horrible was that they did not release even those who were seriously ill. Yu Chunhai, in his sixties, suffered from cerebral thrombosis and became paralysed. But upon hearing that he practised Falun Gong; the police arrested him from home and sent him here to extract a confession by means of torture.

A woman, whose name I don’t know, was unreasonably arrested while walking on the street. She went on hunger strike to protest her arrest. After 10 days of hunger strike, her health was in a dire condition. The police wanted to release her but were afraid of having the situation here disclosed, so they gave her injections of some drug that was taken from Changchun Kaixuan Mental Hospital. After the injections, there were some serious effects on her brain. She suffered from amnesia, and she became unable to walk or talk. The woman was dragged out at some point, and no one knows her whereabouts.

A man with the surname of Tan had a kidney removed previously, and his other kidney was also injured due to the beatings and torture. He was often beaten and then pressed down on the ground and roughly force-fed.

There were also many people whose names I didn't know.

I couldn't imagine that all these horrible things are happening in today's society. I did not know what "610" was or what a "brainwashing class" was in the past. Now I understand that "610" is an unlawful institution formed by Jiang, and the "brainwashing class" is actually an illegal organization. Those wicked people who used cruel tortures to force people to confess are actually the "people's police" in Division One of the Changchun Municipal Police Station.

I was finally released and found innocent. I want to ask Jiang: On the issue of persecuting Falun Gong, have you obtained consensus from the Party Central Committee, the national People's Congress, the Political Committee and the State Department? To maintain your own authority, you eliminate anyone who disagrees with you. You violate the Constitution, using your power to achieve your goals. This is exactly the root of the China's corruption.

The "610" brainwashing class is a blight in the human world, a demon's den under the sun.

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