France: A French MP Appeals to the Foreign Minister to Rescue Falun Gong Practitioner Ma Jian

Falun Gong practitioner Ma Jian, general manager of a French PCM Pump Company for China and the north Asian region, was arrested in his Beijing office by Chinese police on February 28th, 2007. It is said that police took Ma Jian to a brainwashing centre. This serious incident is a gross abuse of citizen’s rights and severely affected the operation of the French Company. French people and political circle are very concerned.

On the March 23rd, Mr. Jacques Pelissard, MP for the Province of Jura, Mayor of Lons le Saunier and Chairman of the French Mayor’s Association, which represents over thirty five thousand and five hundred Mayors across France, wrote a letter to the French Foreign Minister Mr. Philippe Douste-Blazy, expressing his strong concern about Ma Jian’s safety, whose life could be in danger or his organs could be harvested. He appealed to the Foreign Minister to use the necessary means to get Ma Jian released as soon as possible. The letter is as follows:

Mr. Minister,

Please allow me to urgently raise your most compassionate and urgent attention about a Chinese citizen who is a representative of a French Company in China. The relevant information is provided to me by member of my constituency.

On February 28th, a representative of the French PCM Company in China Mr Ma Jian was arrested by plain cloth police in Beijing. Since then his family and colleagues have lost contact with him. This arrest looked more like kidnapping. As a result his family, colleagues and friends are all gravely concerned.

Mr. Ma Jian is a Falun Gong practitioner. The Falun Gong organisation said that its members in China have been frequently kidnapped and their organs have been forcibly taken for lucrative organ transplantation. Therefore it is very worrying for Mr Ma’s life and physical safety.

I would be very pleased if you could use the most suitable means to activate the necessary legal procedure to the Chinese government and ask them to release Ma Jian as soon as possible.

I thank you in advance for your personal efforts in this case. Mr Minister, please accept my kind respects to you.

MP and Mayor
Jacques Pelissard (Signature)
P.s. I am very concerned about this case. Best regards

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