France: Support for the Twenty Million Withdrawals from the CCP

After the Epoch Times newspaper's editorial, the “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party” was published, the momentum of the Chinese people’s withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organisations has continued unabated. On March 24th and 25th, 2007, Falun Gong practitioners rallied at several locations in Paris to support twenty million withdrawals from the CCP.

Falun Gong practitioners rally to support twenty million Chinese people withdrawing from the CCP in Human Right Square in Paris

Passers-by stop to view the information posters

People reading practitioners' leaflets

Mr. Hu, a representative from the French Service Centre for Quitting the CCP, is interviewed by a reporter

At the rally in the famous Human Right Square, representative for the French Service Centre for Quitting the CCP, Mr. Hu, said, “As there are many Chinese tourists visiting the Square every day, it is meaningful to hold these kind of activities here. We are telling the Chinese people that the CCP is on the brink of collapse because the evil spectre of the CCP has been eliminated. In the meantime, we are here to inform the Chinese people that no matter how rich or poor they are, it is impossible for them to escape the disaster resulting from the CCP’s evil governance. The only thing they can do to really safeguard themselves is to realise the intrinsic evil nature of the CCP as soon as possible. Many tourists from China were shocked to hear that. Since information is seriously blocked in China, we are here to advise the Chinese people that only withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organisations can they shy away from the disaster and ensure their well-being. We also asked them to pass the message to their family members and relatives in China. If all of them participated in quitting the CCP campaign, the CCP would soon collapse. We must take seriously this warning endowed by heaven.”

He added:,“As French people are living in a democratic country, they were shocked to learn about the evil nature of the CCP. Judging from the fact that the former Soviet Union and some other former communist regimes had collapsed and that the Berlin Wall had fallen down as well, French people support this campaign. After all, it is divine providence and irresistible historic trend that the CCP will collapse.”

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