Falun Dafa Practitioner Dr. Li Huiyun Suffers a Mental Disorder from Being Tortured

Dr. Li Huiyun, 41 years old, was an assistant professor at the Hebei Technology University in Hebei Province. Officials from the "610 Office" (1) and her employer forced her into the "Hebei Law Education Training Centre" to be brainwashed because she practised Falun Gong . At the centre, Dr. Li was severely persecuted until she developed symptoms of a mental disorder. She was then illegally sent to a forced labour camp where she was involuntarily hospitalized. In November of 2004, while Dr. Li was still detained in the hospital, her workplace fired her.

Officials from the Hebei Technology University, where Dr. Li was an assistant professor, had persecuted her for a long period of time. They intentionally falsified a "serious academic failure incident" to implicate Dr. Li, and forbade her from going abroad to receive the awards she had won. Dr. Li was forced to stop teaching and was demoted to doing janitorial work for the university. On numerous occasions, she talked to the university's General Communist Party Secretary, Wang Yinyin, about her situation, and the truth about Falun Gong. She often requested the resumption of her basic rights. Instead of looking into her case, Wang Yinyin intensified the persecution against her even more.

Wang Yinyin used the persecution methods she learned in northeastern China on Dr. Li and on other Falun Dafa practitioners. In early 2000, Wang fired practitioner Ms. Li Xiumin from her job and sent her to a forced labour camp for three years. In 2003, when Ms. Li Xiumin was released, she asked if she could resume her position, and was simply rejected without reason.

On February 24, 2004, both Dr. Li and her husband were illegally taken to the "Hebei Law Education Training Centre" for brainwashing. Dr. Li was not allowed to sleep for many days, and she was beaten and burnt with lighted cigarette butts. As a result of the continued torture, she became mentally disoriented. On August 10, 2004, Dr. Li was transferred to the Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp in Hebei Province. Shortly afterwards, she was hospitalized. While Dr. Li was detained in the forced labour camp, her family was unaware of her situation. Only after she was hospitalized for two weeks did her family find out about her condition.

The forced labour camp threatened the hospital, demanding that they refuse to allow Dr. Li's family to visit her. Dr. Li's mother, who is in her 70s, had to kneel down before the camp officials to beg for a visit. She was thus accompanied by two plain-clothes police officers to see her daughter.

Dr. Li is still detained in the Shijiazhuang No. 5 Hospital (Hebei Medical University Hospital). In November of 2004, the university where Dr. Li worked issued an order to fire her from her position. It was also learned that the same university was planning to take disciplinary actions against husband and wife practitioners Zu Yidan and Shi Hongqi.

The extent of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the Hebei Technology University is very serious. The university has slandered Falun Dafa at several exhibitions they held, and faculty, staff and students are forced to sign their names on materials that slander Falun Dafa. They are also forced to write documents against their conscience to criticize and incriminate Falun Gong. Falun Gong practitioners at the university are being illegally monitored; their salaries have been suspended; they have been dismissed from their positions; and their classes have been cancelled. Student practitioners are dismissed from the college. Many practitioners have been sent to the brainwashing centre or forced labour camp, and their families have also been persecuted.

List of addresses and telephone numbers of organizations and people involved in the persecution:

Note: For home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers.
Country code: 86, area code: 311.

Hebei Law Education Training Centre (in reality, it is a brainwashing centre)
18 Becheng Road, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Switchboard: 7754007, 7792624
Officials at the Centre:
Han Jianyong
Liang Chao
Yuan Lixin (member of the "610 Office", telephone number 7712647)

Hebei Technology University
East Yuhua Road, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, Zipcode 05000
The University President's Office: 8632036
The Communist Party Committee's Office: 8632015
The Department of Discipline and Auditions: 8632028

(1) “610 Office” [An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.]

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