High School Teacher Murdered in March, 2004 in Heilongjiang Province, More Practitioners Illegally Sentenced to Forced Labour Camps

Since July 20, 1999, at least 26 Falun Gong practitioners in Daqing City have been persecuted to death. Even though most people have come to understand the truth about Falun Gong and are no longer deceived by the propaganda, the wicked authorities are still out of control. At the end of March 2004, an excellent high school teacher, Gao Shuqin from the 12th High School in Daqing City, was murdered by the Hulu Sub-Railway Department just because she wanted to uphold her right as a citizen and not abandon her belief in "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance."

This year we have compiled the following verified list of Falun Gong practitioners illegally sentenced and sent to a forced labour camp.

Liu Fenglin - former Daqing City Second Construction Company's Party Committee Secretary and Vice-director; illegally sentenced to four years

Han Jianmin - former Daqing City Second Construction Company staff member; sentenced to four years

Xu Jishan - former Daqing City Petroleum Company staff member; sentenced to three years

Zhang Weixia - illegally sentenced to eighteen months

Li Ling - former Daqing City Central Exchange staff member; sentenced to twelve months

Wang Enjun - former Daqing City Electric Pump Company Second Factory director; sentenced to six months

Cao Shuxia - sentenced to six months

He Zhihong - Former Heilongjiang Province Oil Chemical Engineering Head Office manager; sentenced to forced labor camp for three months

Yang Bo - Former Daqing City Oil Administration Bureau staff member; sentenced to labour camp for three years

Daqing society is in extreme turmoil and chaos because the police and state security are not using their energies to stabilize the society and ensure people's safety, but instead are persecuting a group of practitioners who want to practise righteous values. Today, anti-persecution movements are gradually taking shape, but some of the police and state security personnel are still not regretful of their immoral actions. Instead, they see their persecution of practitioners as something glorious. They don't see what is right and what is wrong, nor what is good and what is bad. They are numb and heartless when confronted with people's loathing looks.

As a rule of nature, every evil deed brings its punishment with it, so if they miss this opportunity to save themselves, it will be too late for them. Wake up at once!

Relevant numbers: (To call these numbers, please add 86-459 in front of office and residence phone numbers, and add 86 in front of mobile phone numbers.)

Daqing City Party Committee Officials:

Name Position Office Residence Mobile

Wang Zhibin Secretary 6186779 6181228 n/a
Gai Ruyin Secondary Secretary 6181833 6104941 n/a

Daqing City Government Officials:

Name Position Office Residence Mobile

Gai Ruyin Mayor 6181833 6104941 n/a
Han Dongyan Vice-Mayor 6181097 5998518 13604658306
Li Yongku Vice-Mayor 6581059 6377722 13039833033
Cui Qiang Vice-Mayor 6186190 6395056 13804680568

Daqing City Public Security Bureau:

Name Position Office Residence Mobile

Sun Yusheng Chief of Bureau 6371699 6188819 13329500001
Cao Zhenhe Political Commissar 6373066 6280888 13329500002
Lin Guoli Deputy of Bureau 6375026 6986708 13329500003

Daqing City National Security Department:

Name Position Office Residence Mobile

Lin Zhisheng Chief of Bureau 6281231 6688448 13604651999
Wang Xiyan Secretary 6181232 4611878 13904591292
Zhang Wanyu Deputy of Bureau 6181233 6362878 13903690009

Duty Room 6363033 13945991999

Fax 6181250

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