Fa-Rectification Cultivation Gives Us More Strength Than We Think

Below is what Master hinted to me in a dream. I have written it down to encourage fellow practitioners. This dream not only jolted me out of my selfishness and fear, but also helped me to understand the difference between personal cultivation and cultivation in Fa-rectification.

In the dream, I walked on a slope with a gradient of nearly 70 degrees with the support of a handrail. The higher I went, the tighter I gripped the handrail. I did not dare to let go even when I was exhausted and extremely hungry, because I was aware of how hard it had been for me to make it to where I was. If I let go, I would fall. However, I was really exhausted, and it seemed that I would never be able to reach the destination. The reason that I continued to go on without letting go was no longer to reach the destination, but the fear of falling down.

Suddenly, a woman stepped in front of me holding a child in her arms. I was so exhausted that I could not speak; I just hoped that she would not block my way. Suddenly, the baby fell from her arms. Instinctively, I reached out a hand to grab the child, but in my mind I thought of saying to the woman, “Quickly take the child from me! I can no longer hold on.” However, before I opened my mouth, she said to me me, “Quick! An old woman beside you is about to fall.” Though it felt difficult in my heart, I had already grabbed the old woman with my other hand

At this moment, I awakened from the dream. I enlightened that on the road of cultivation, if I only care about personal consummation, I will always worry about whether I can hold on, and if I will fall. As a result, my energy will be gradually exhausted. However, if on the path of Fa-rectification cultivation we cultivate for the sake of others and for all sentient beings, we may find that we have more strength than we think! Not only can we pull others up on the way, but we can also help ourselves to reach the destination!

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