England: Things that we should not have

After reading the article “Golden Buddha" with Master’s comments, I made a self-examination. I found that in various aspects I was “shining magnificently on the outside but a rotting mess inside.” Following the rapid pace of Fa-rectification, I clearly felt that our benevolent Master is giving us the last opportunity to repair our omissions.

I understand from the Fa that only when we cultivate till we are without omissions can we reach consummation. However, under the influence of human concepts, I found myself unconsciously dividing attachments into two - “bad” attachments" and “not so bad" attachments. For the latter ones, I found myself not as determined, and intentionally making mistakes in eliminating attachments because of my weak main consciousness and the effect of thought-karma. At the same time, I indulged myself in making the excuses that we are changing from the microcosmic level, just like the onion whose surface is not always clean. Do I not understand that my finding excuses for own attachments today leaves space for the evil to exist? I clearly know it’s wrong to have the attachment of doing things, similar to ordinary person’s attachment of career development, the attachment of aggressiveness, and the attachment to being praised, etc. However, I haven’t firmly eliminated them.

Take the attachment of doing things for example. Though I understand the principle described in Master’s words “Despite being busy with constructing the temple and worshipping God, everything’s in vain" [Unofficial translation of a quote from one of Master Li’s poems], I still cover up my neglect of studying the Fa and the attachment to fame and gain by making excuses that I’m busy with Dafa work. After I dig out my heart behind the mentality of doing things, it’s not difficult for me to find an ugly mentality of fame and gain. Our master advised us long ago in 1996 in the article Cultivators’ Avoidances: “Those who are attached to their reputations practice an evil way, full of intention. Once they gain renown in this world, they are bound to say good but mean evil, thereby misleading the public and undermining the Fa." Lessons like this are seen everywhere in the history. Why can I not learn a lesson from this?

When I read through Master’s article Cultivators’ Avoidances, it shook me and shocked me like a bolt of lightening. Don’t we make mistakes as are described in this article, as we still have a lot of (thoughts) which are not righteous and we still have things that we shouldn’t have?

Take the test of emotion as another example. Master has seriously pointed out: "Those who are attached to lust are no different from wicked people. While reciting the scriptures, they even cast furtive glances; they are far from the Dao and are wicked, everyday people. Those who are attached to affection for family will definitely be burned, entangled, and tormented by it. Pulled by the threads of affection and plagued by them throughout their lives, they will find it too late to regret at the end of their lives." ( also in Cultivators’ Avoidances)

Reading Cultivators’ Avoidances again, I feel that I am standing on the edge of a cliff with one foot stepping on nothing. If I do not quickly awake and do not rectify myself, I’m afraid I will not survive. I write down this article to share with fellow practitioners who have similar attachments like myself, to offer mutual encouragement.

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