Russia: We Cannot Wait Anymore


On Dec. 31, the last day of 2003, I went to work with a whole bag of introductory newspapers and books about Falun Gong. I intended to leave the bag at my work site so that I would have immediate access to them whenever I want to distribute them in the future. A security guard told me that Dec. 31 was not a working day. She even called her superior, and insisted on not letting me in. I asked if I could drop the bag of newspapers and books in her office, and pick it up after the New Year. She said no. I had no choice but to take the heavy bag and set off for home.

I intended to drop the bag in to a library in the neighborhood of my workplace, and give them several books. However, the door of the library was not open yet. I thought about clarifying the truth of Falun Gong; I understand that Master has kept asking us to act more quickly, more quickly and even more quickly. If I left the bag there, it would be another week before I could came back again to distribute the materials. Therefore, I went to the car dealers’ building nearby. However, I found very few customers there. Then I decided to try the local residential buildings.

In front of a building, an old lady was trying very hard, but could not walk up the stairs. I rushed toward and grabbed her arm to help her immediately. She walked upstairs for several steps, took a rest, walked for several steps, and took a rest again. I consoled her, “Take your time! I have nothing urgent. It is fine! Everything will get better.” We finally arrived at the gate of the building where she lived. I said, “It looks like your health is not very good. Try to get to know Falun Gong. It may benefit you.” I passed a Dafa newspaper to her. Subsequently, I helped her to enter the building, and walk toward the elevator. She was very grateful to me, and said a lot of blessings to me.

Right next to the floor stairs were mailboxes. Ha, these are what I have been looking for! While I wished her a happy new year, I started placing the newspaper into the mailboxes. In this manner, several hundred copies of newspapers were fully dispatched!

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