Switzerland: Clarifying the Truth at the “Global Peace Initiative of Women Spiritual and Religious Leaders” Summit

A practitioner from Switzerland

We finally verified that “The Global Peace Initiative of Women Spiritual and Religious Leaders” Summit would be held in United Nation’s branch office in Geneva and Beau Rivage Hotel. Though I was available to attend the session on the second day, it was too late for me to sign up. However, I decided to give it a try. Upon my arrival at the hotel, I found that the participants were chatting over meals. I thus decided to sit down among them waiting for the resumption of the meeting. Nonetheless I was worried with the thought of obtaining a pass for participation. But still, I realized that what really mattered was getting involved.

As soon as this thought came to mind, the one who sat opposite to me started to talk to me. She was a member of the Association in Switzerland. She was interested in Falun Gong, and asked me many questions. She was shocked to hear about Falun Gong practitioners’ situation in China. She told me that she has engaged in a research on religion, and that she felt Falun Gong is good and that a Master who teaches a practice for free must be an extraordinary figure [Editor – all Falun Gong activities are free of charge]. I thought it was still worthwhile for me to come all the way here even I could not attend the meeting so long as I was able to let just only one person realize the truth about Dafa.

We entered the venue together as we continued to talk about these topics. Therefore, I had no trouble with the pass.

I returned to the venue in the afternoon, and attended a seminar chaired by Mr. McDonald on “Religion and Government.” He asked us to sit on a circle, but I was seated in the back. I thought I had better remain silence and just listen. However, he turned to me and asked me to join them. I knew that nothing is accidental, and there must be some reasons for me to attend the meeting. Not only this, but also a lady sitting next to me, Ms. Shahani, who has been a Senator and an advisor to the President for twelve years, started to talk about the religious situation around the world including the situation in China. She also mentioned the issue concerning the persecution of Falun Gong.

It seemed to be a chance for me to speak, but a lady who was a member of a religious sect assured us that all religious organizations were fully respected in China because she knew the religious situation there. Ms. Shahani continued: “because religious organizations are the representatives of the religions in a country.” Along their dialogue, I jumped in and said: “I am a Falun Gong practitioner (some among the audience said “Ah”), and I know Falun Gong’s situation in China very clearly. I joined the activities condemning China’s dictatorship and persecution of Falun Gong from beginning.” I noticed the participants’ reactions (there were about 30 people there); not only did they show tremendous concern about this issue, but they were also shocked deeply. I brought to their attention: “The brutal crackdown by China has continued for three straight years, and 70% of those being imprisoned were female.” I also reminded them that all the above-mentioned atrocities took place after the establishment of the 610 Office. As a matter of fact, the 610 Office is tantamount to a Nazi organization.

In this way, I made use of the opportunity to clarify the fact of Falun Gong to the people around me.

After the meeting adjourned, I expressed my appreciation to Ms. Shahani for giving me this opportunity to speak out and for her willingness of understanding more about Falun Gong.

(Translated from: http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2002/10/24/38582.html)

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