Australia: Lotus Flower Presentation for the 'International Day of Peace' (Photos)

By Practitioners from Sunshine Coast, Australia

Practitioners on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia held an activity to coincide with the UN 'International Day of Peace' on September 21st, 2002. We displayed the magnificent and peaceful nature of Dafa and clarified the facts of the persecution to the general public through this event. We prepared several weeks in advance, folding hundreds of paper lotus flowers and designing a beautiful scroll to be handed out with a title of 'An Appeal for Peace'. With our carefully prepared message, we informed the public of the persecution and practitioner's peaceful response, which exemplified the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.

The public was drawn to our eye-catching presentation of the exercises and beautiful display of baskets full of paper lotus flowers placed around the stage. The entire Plaza was filled with people carrying lotus flowers and balloons!

One little girl who was about three years old, sat attentively with her mother watching our exercise presentation. She was so captivated by the exercises that she got up on stage with the practitioners and began performing the exercises for several minutes, even sitting quietly in meditation.

One of our practitioners is also a member of a local school Craft Group. Prior to our event, she invited other ladies (non-practitioners) to assist with the folding these lotus flowers as a support for the practitioners being persecuted in China. The craft group was happy to lend a hand and placed a full-page notice in the local school newsletter, which allowed more parents to position their hearts in a positive way.

In advance of our presentation, we even brought some of our lovely lotus flowers as gifts to the local Media who subsequently reported positively about our event. By introducing Dafa on this day, we provide others the opportunity to see the positive and peaceful nature of our practice.

The Sunshine Coast Weekly (Sunshine Coast, Australia): Falun Dafa Support a Day of Peace

September 24, 2002

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