A “Hi-Tech Whiz” Finds the Answer to Life

He is known as a modern “Hi-tech Whiz.” Mr. Huang Mingsheng graduated from the Department of Information Engineering at National Taiwan University and then worked at a computer company in Taipei. By his early 30s, he had already become the company's software research and development manager.

He was born into an ordinary working family. As he studied and worked, his efforts inevitably brought him both ups and downs. Regardless, all in all it could be said that he was proud of his achievements. In his heart, however, he always wished to earn more money so that his family could live comfortably. In January 1997, he had the predestined chance to cultivate Falun Dafa. Both his mind and body benefitted from experiencing a 180-degree change in his mood and attitude toward life. Mr. Huang said, “Cultivating Falun Gong allows me to feel a sense of joy. It's like I have obtained the supreme wisdom. I think that if I hadn't practised Falun Gong, I would still be suffering from depression. After cultivating, I am increasingly aware that human beings can actually live like this, relaxed and happy, with such meaning”.

"After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!"

Mr. Huang was born in 1971 into a Malaysian Chinese family of nine, including two older sisters, three younger brothers and one younger sister, along with his mother and father. The whole family relied on the father's income. Although they were not affluent, they were never short of clothes, food, or family warmth. Mr. Huang studied in a Chinese school in Malaysia until he graduated from high school. His parents accepted the teacher's recommendation and really wanted to send Mr. Huang to Taiwan to study at university, but they only had enough money for food and clothes. As to sending their oldest son overseas to study, that seemed impossible. Just when it seemed impossible, the father unexpectedly won some money and solved the dilemma. During the university holidays, Mr. Huang had to work with other overseas Chinese students to earn a living allowance. Because they were young, they were given the harder jobs to do, and he started to suffer from lower back pain, which subsequently led to a life-changing opportunity.

In 1995, the phoenix flowers were in full bloom. Mr. Huang earned a Bachelor's Degree in Information Engineering at National Taiwan University. He got a steady job in a computer office in Neihu, Taipei. Even though he did not do much physical work, in less than a year his lower back pain increased. He sought medical treatment. After several months his back pain still did not improve.

A colleague of his saw that he was suffering from pain and recommended he try Falun Gong. Mr. Huang said, “That was January 1999. I watched Master Li Hongzhi's nine-day lecture videos. I also learned the five exercises. Every time after doing the exercises, I felt my mind and body were very relaxed and I felt happy and comfortable.” He didn't even notice that his back pain had disappeared. He never would have thought that cultivating Falun Gong could get rid of disease and bring about such amazing health benefits. Among Falun Gong practitioners, such examples are abundant and it's nothing new to them. Mr. Huang said, “It was the aspect of upgrading my xinxing that benefitted me the most. Also, from childhood to adulthood, among all the things that I have bumped into or heard about that modern science couldn't explain, by practising Falun Dafa I have found the answers to all of those.”

Opening my closed heart

Mr. Huang was introverted. Before he practised Falun Gong he was very lonely. You could say he was often quite sad. Mr. Huang said, “From childhood to adulthood, I didn't have many friends. When I think carefully, I had only two friends. Because I kept so many things in my heart, it made me feel very sad. If I hadn't started practising Falun Dafa, I would probably be depressed. After I started practising Falun Dafa, I had a very good environment to study the Fa. I could talk with and share experiences among other practitioners where we all studied the Fa together, or at the practice site. In that environment, everyone is openminded and can speak about their own inadequacies and talk about the process of how to get rid of attachments. I didn't feel embarrassed about talking, either. Practitioners all sincerely encourage each other to be more diligent. There aren't any that laugh or ridicule others. The field of Falun Dafa is pure and opens my mind.”

Speaking about being introverted, due to his personality, Mr. Huang often appears to be mild tempered on the surface, but he tends to take many trivial things to heart and feels bad inside. Indignant emotions often fluctuate up and down in his mind. When he saw colleagues do something well, he would disagree and conduct a silent dialogue: “What's so good about that? That's the way it should be done and it is nothing special. If I were to do it, I am sure I would have done even better.” When a co-worker got an award, Mr. Huang would get upset despite his calm appearance. He would think: “Why was it he who gets the award instead of me, although I did well?” For some time, these types of things made him so anguished that he was about to quit his job and look for a new position. Fortunately, it was then that he started to practice Falun Gong. By looking inward, he dug out the competitive mentality and jealousy. He endured heart-wrenching suffering and got rid of these attachments gradually in the process of studying the Fa.

Changing from being negative to positive and magnanimous

Developing computer software is a mentally challenging occupation. Mr. Huang realized from his personal experiences that cultivating Falun Dafa has made it easy for him to calm down and analyze problems. Instead of avoiding responsibility immediately as an ordinary person would do, or he himself did before, he would check where he did poorly, which may have caused the problems. Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance have made him more responsible. By looking inward, the issues often easily get resolved.

Mr. Huang said: “I am very fortunate to have obtained the Fa after entering society and working for just a year. It can be said that I have been cultivating in the process of my work. After cultivating in Dafa, I follow the guidance of the Fa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to look inward and get rid of attachments. It has made my heart more and more serene. I am able to change my negative way of thinking from the past and deal with issues in a calm and positive manner. The problems that used to be difficult to tackle became easy to solve, as if my wisdom has been expanded. In fact, it's all due to the practice of Falun Dafa.” His colleagues and supervisors in the company all know that Mr. Huang is a practitioner of Falun Gong, and he treats people and deals with problems earnestly and sincerely. He does not lie. Several times his boss said, “I know that you cultivators do not make up stories for the sake of going through the motions, because you emphasize Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance!”

It was exactly because of his attitude that Mr. Huang was promoted from an engineer to an assistant manager and then to a manager within several short years. He has found the truth in life and the direction for a human being, and is living a clear and joyful life. He no longer envies others or pursues a material life of wealth, because those are just endless desires. When family members and relatives encounter difficulties in life, Mr. Huang is happy to offer help. The realm he has reached in cultivating Dafa has been displayed in every aspect of his daily life and especially at his workplace. His company trusts and relies on him.

Outstanding style and demeanour

In 2005, Mr. Huang's elderly parents were missing their eldest son and asked him to return to Malaysia and be with them. Out of his respect for his parents, Mr. Huang submitted a request to resign from the company. His boss tried hard to keep him and offered a good option to satisfy the needs of both him and the company: “Nowadays the Internet is so well developed, one doesn't have to be in the company to work. You can take the job back to Malaysia and communicate and transfer information through the Internet.” Responding to the sincere suggestion of his boss, Mr. Huang agreed.

Before returning to Malaysia, Mr. Huang talked about some issues with the company. The upper management and his colleagues found with surprise that what Mr. Huang shared with them were all about things related to work, “These are the products that I have developed. In the future this is the way to maintain and further develop them, etc.” He talked about the issues totally from the point of the company's interests, while not mentioning a word about his working conditions and compensation for traveling between Taiwan and Malaysia twice a year. The people in the company felt fortunate to have hired the right person and witnessed the outstanding style and demeanour of a Falun Dafa cultivator. After that, Mr. Huang stayed in Taiwan for half year and in Malaysia for the other half of the year until 2010, when he finally returned to Taiwan, got married last June, and permanently settled in Taiwan.

Mr. Huang said: “I came to practise Falun Dafa because of my back pain. Surprisingly I found the meaning of life and the truth of life. I feel very bright and light. Many things I couldn't understand, things that people regard as superstitions and do not dare to touch, are all explained in Dafa very clearly. I have a sense of joy in my heart, as if I have obtained superior wisdom. Before I learned Dafa, I was extremely indecisive. Whatever issues I encountered, I would be indecisive, over think about them, be overly cautious, and get stuck. I would think about everything from a negative approach. After starting cultivation, I can follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as a guide and walk out of the selfish mentality of self-protection. Now, I will think and face issues positively and maintain a very peaceful and serene mind. Being aware of the meaning of life, I live a clear life, which has become very meaningful, joyful, and splendid.”


Falun Gong is also called Falun Dafa, or Dafa. It is a high level cultivation method of the Buddha School introduced by Mr. Li Hongzhi in May 1992. It uses Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as its principles of guidance. Validated by millions of practitioners, Falun Dafa is a great law and brings true cultivators to high levels. It has the effect of stabilizing a society and elevating people’s physical and moral standards.

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