Slovakia: Celebrating World Falun Dafa Day, MEP Signs a Petition Calling for an End to the Persecution

On Saturday, May 14, 2011, Falun Gong practitioners from Slovakia commemorated World Falun Dafa Day by holding an event in SNP Square in Bratislava. The passersby were drawn especially by the exercises, which the practitioners demonstrated. Many asked about the persecution in China and some signed a petition calling for an end to the persecution. One man signed the petition with the words, "I was just released after two years in prison..." We hope that this positive act will bring him good fortune. Children were happy to receive lotus flowers folded by one of the practitioners.

Many people stopped at the banners, which showed persecution scenes, and which allowed us to explain how the persecution began in China. At the conclusion of the event, a member of the Slovak Parliament, which recently visited the Shen Yun performance in Bratislava, viewed the displays, and he signed the petition together with his wife.

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