Canada: Regional Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference Held in Vancouver

The Vancouver Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held on November 14th, 2010. Sixteen practitioners discussed how they looked within under different circumstances to make solid progress in their cultivation. They also shared their experiences of clarifying the facts with wisdom and offering sentient beings salvation in various Fa-validation projects.

Chinese and Western practitioners share their cultivation experiences at the 2010 Vancouver Fa conference

Mr. Fang has been making phone calls over the past five years to people in mainland China to help them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organisations. He regards every one who receives his phone call as extremely important. He continuously disciplines himself with the Fa's principles, and overcomes all kinds of difficulties and interference. He has persevered and been diligent as he was at the beginning of his cultivation.

Mr. Fang managed to interact with most of the people he called regardless of their profession, age and attitude. He constantly examined and checked his cultivation practice, looked within, and carefully studied the thoughts of people at different levels. Once he talked with a young man who Mr. Fang told the relationship between good fortune, morals and things people yearn for. Mr. Fang then encouraged him to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organisations, and asked him to remember, "Falun Dafa is good." Mr. Fang spoke in a kind, patient and peaceful tone during the phone call.

Two students who study in Vancouver face heavy academic pressure, but they also consider their cultivation practice extremely important and also use of all kinds of opportunities to tell their classmates and teachers the facts about Falun Gong. Mr. Duan is not good at expressing himself in class, but he let go of this fear, made a five-minute speech to his classmates and professor, telling them about the persecution of Falun Dafa. His professor gave him a high score, which is quite rare, and also appreciated his courage. Mr. Duan also spends his spare time making phone calls to people in mainland China. He helped more than 170 people quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations in one year.

Ms. Zhou participated in ticket sales for Shen Yun performance shortly after she arrived in Vancouver. Once she met a mother, who hesitated, and was unwilling to pay the required service fee for the theatre. The lady asked Ms. Zhou, "Do you mind if I don't buy the tickets?" Ms. Zhou thought, "How can I not mind it? Do you know what it means if you would miss this performance." The lady eventually returned with enough money to buy tickets for both herself and her daughter.

A Western practitioner discussed how he balanced the relationship between learning everyday skills and Falun Gong. He initially thought it was wrong to find a good job and earn more money. Later he learned to cherish every cultivation process and his responsibility. Through learning graphic design, he not only laid a good foundation for him to find a good job, but also could do layout work for a Falun Gong newspaper. His friends appreciated his spirits and enthusiasm.

In order to support her husband in his work for NTDTV, Ms. An who has not worked for more than ten years, broke through her attachment to ego, let go of her attachment to using doing tasks related to Falun Gong to cover up her putting not much effort in doing her daily work. She started to run a grocery shop, and bears the responsibility of supporting her family and taking care of her children. She treated former shop owner, customers, bank agents and all people she met as important people and sold tickets for Shen Yun performances at her shop. Her son studies at an elementary school and offers her great help. While doing business, Ms. An is considerate of her customers, and gets along well with many people, her business also improved greatly, and she made a great leap forward in her cultivation practice.

Ms. Jiang vividly talked about her cultivation experience of 100 per cent looking within. Through long-term Fa-study and looking within, Ms. Jiang eventually resolved her conflict and melted away her resentment to her son-in-law, and cultivated herself to become broad-minded and compassionate.

Ms. Zhang talked about the cultivation experience of their 11 elderly practitioners' Fa-study group. They take other practitioners' difficulties as their own. They support and encourage each other, eliminate sickness karma, break through their xinxing tests [Editors note: moral quality] and sentimentality. They also participate in promoting Shen Yun performances, signature collection for the landing of NTDTV, and doing face-to-face truth clarification. They solidly cultivated away their attachments.

Practitioners' speeches were sincere and down-to-earth, the attendees gave them applause from time to time. Many practitioners were moved to tears. All practitioners cherish this annual experience sharing opportunity, this year's Fa conference received more than 30 submissions, practitioners reviewed their paths of cultivation practice and Fa-validation, and strive forward diligently.

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