Former Department Chair Ms. Zhang Yuhua of Nanjing Normal University Subjected to Forced Labour Again

Ms. Zhang Yuhua Suffers Inhuman Torture

Ms. Zhang Yuhua is an associate professor, doctoral adviser, and former chairperson of the Russian Department at Nanjing Normal University. She had headed many academic projects and had received multiple awards for her excellence in teaching. For practising Falun Gong, she was sent to a forced labour camp in 2001 and detained there for one year. In 2003, Ms. Zhang was sentenced to four years in prison. She has been held in the Nantong Women's Prison, and the Nanjing Women's Prison, and was subject to brainwashing sessions and suffered from inhuman tortures. Unable to endure the persecution of their family, her husband divorced her.

Ms. Zhang Yuhua was arrested again in May 2009 and detained at the brainwashing centre of the Gulou District 610 Office [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong] in Nanjing. In June 2009, she was again forcibly taken to the Judong Women's Labour Camp in Jiangsu Province.

Ms. Zhang Yuhua is currently detained in the strictly controlled team of the labour camp. She has been restricted from bathing herself and sleeping. The guards only allowed her to briefly close her eyes after midnight. During her menstrual period, she was completely deprived of water use for over a week.

From June to August 2009, officials of the labour camp tortured detainees with military drills, calling it military training. Ms. Zhang had to undergo the so-called training under the scorching sun. She refused the military training at the beginning, but the camp guards ordered four inmates to pull her arms and legs, and she was thus forcibly dragged along in a painful position. In addition, she was deprived of food, except for a little porridge every morning.

Persecution of Other Practitioners at Judong Women's Labour Camp

Ms. Xie Lihua is a practitioner from Nanjing. When she was forcibly taken to the labour camp, the camp officials forbade her from using the toilet. As a result, she often had to relieve herself in her trousers. She was not allowed to sleep until after midnight; sometimes her sleep was restricted to only one hour a day. Inmates Xu Min and Zhang Na, who were ordered to monitor her, often pulled her up and threw her to the ground, and kicked her private parts. Once when Xu Min was beating her, Ms. Xie managed to run out of the cell and shouted for help. The labor camp perfunctorily changed the inmates to monitor her, but extended Ms. Xie's term by one month as a punishment, claiming that her shouting had broken camp rules.

Ms. Li Cailan, a practitioner from Nanjing, was also restricted from using the toilet and she had to relieve herself in her trousers. She was forced to stand for long hours as torture, and as a result she had a sallow complexion and her feet swelled badly. The camp officials also forced Ms. Li Cailan to write "reports." When she refused to write, she did not get any food and was brutally force-fed instead.

Ms. Hu Zhenru, a 63-year old practitioner from Nanjing, was forced to clean a workshop the size of several hundred square metres every day. She refused at the beginning, but inmates Chen Zhengqiong and Sun Xaoying swore at her loudly. When Ms. Hu finished her term, the labor camp officials extended her term by two months, saying it was because she refused to wear the labour camp uniform.

Ms. Li Baozhu, 63 years old and a practitioner from Nanjing, was forced to do the military training every day, with no rest even at lunch time. The camp officials also forced her to hand copy written materials that slandered Falun Gong.

Ms. Zhu Jiangling, a practitioner from Nanjing, has been detained at this labour camp three times. Each time her term was extended and she has accumulatively spent eight years in detention. Although in her 50s, all of her hair turned grey and she was forced to do slave labour every day in the camp's workshop.

Ms. Lu Xiuying, 63, a practitioner from Kunshan, is illiterate. The camp officials forced her to hand copy a so-called report every day. She had to copy the written materials until midnight. During the day time she was forced to do the military training.

Ms. Lin Cuihua is a practitioner from Huaiyin. She suffered from physical torture inflicted by Shen Jingjing, a camp guard. In addition, she was forced to hand copy written materials, sometimes all night long.

Ms. Zheng Cuifang, 57, a practitioner from Nantong, was only allowed one hour of sleep every day. The inmates who monitored her beat or kicked her at will. She was forced to do military training every day. In one of the drills she was forced raise one leg up high and keep that posture with a piece of paper on her leg. When the paper fell down they beat her.

Currently, about 50 practitioners are still detained at the Judong Women's Labour Camp in Jiangsu Province. Tang Guofang, the education head of the Forced Labour Bureau in Jiangsu Province, who is in charge of "transforming" [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] practitioners, made a special trip to the labour camp recently and held a 100-day-long brainwashing session. Nevertheless, their plot did not succeed in the end, as not a single practitioner who was forced to attend this brainwashing session was "transformed."


Tang Guofang, the education head of the Jiangsu Province Forced Labour Bureau

Labour camp officials: Hu Xiaoyan, Shen Jingjing, Qin Ling, Chen Kelan, Chen Haixia, Liu Xia, Mao Guixia, Zhao Min, Zhang Jing

Xu Min, inmate

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