Ms. Lin Shaona Secretly Sent to Baiyun Women's Prison in Guangzhou City

Ms. Lin Shaona was sentenced during secret proceedings of the Rongcheng District Court of Jieyang City, Guangdong, without her family being notified. Ms. Lin repudiated the charges against her, but she was sentenced to a three-year prison term. Even the judges thought that she was innocent. She was recently transferred to Baiyun Women's Prison in Guangzhou City, again without notifying her family.

Ms. Lin was arrested and taken to a police station on September 2nd, 2009, when she talked to people about Falun Gong. She was first held in the Jieyang City Detention Centre, whose officials did not allow family visits.

Ms. Lin's family didn't see her until January 5th, 2010. They were told that the Rongcheng District Court held secret proceedings and she was sentenced to a three-year prison term. She was able to meet her family for several minutes, which was not enough time for them to understand her situation.

Ms. Lin's son came home from the university and wanted to see his mother. He hurried to the detention centre, but was forbidden to see her. He was told that he had to wait until a special visitors' day. He waited anxiously for the January 20th visiting day and went with his father to the detention centre. They were told that she had been transferred to another place. The official at the detention centre said only that she was sent to Baiyun, Guangzhou City and gave no further information.

No one in the Lin family had seen the verdict until they went to the Rongcheng District Court to ask for Ms. Lin's whereabouts on January 21st. The verdict said that Ms. Lin was sentenced to a three-year prison term for the crime of "undermining law enforcement" and that she was held in the Baiyun Women's Prison in Guangzhou City. When asked what section of the law she had violated, the court officer said in a hurried voice, "Don't talk about it now."

When asked why her family was not notified about her whereabouts, the officer in the court claimed that it was by Ms. Lin's request and that she, as an adult, had the right to make such a request.

After five months' of detention, why would Ms. Lin, as a wife and mother, deny her husband and son to know her whereabouts? The law enforcement officers attempted to cover up the fact that the court and the detention centre did not follow due process and committed a crime.

Some of the persecutors' names involved in Ms. Lin's imprisonment verdict at the Rongcheng District Court, Jieyang City include,

Presiding Judge: Zhang Jianfeng
Judge: Lin Zhuna
Jurors: Huang Rongyue
Deputy clerk: Chen Xiaochuan

Security guards involved in the arrest of Ms. Lin Shaona are the security guards of Shanqian Village of Xianqiao Subdistrict Office in Rongcheng District: Chen Yuehong, Chen Shupeng, Chen Jifeng

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