Practitioners in Belgium Persistently Appeal In Front of Chinese Embassy

The practitioners in Belgium continued to do Fa Zheng Nian [maintaining a tranquil mind after reciting a Falun Gong verse once – Ed. Note] in front of the Chinese Embassy on June 7, 2002 at the top of each hour. Initially, it was a gloomy and chilly day, with a drizzle coupled with cold wind. However, when it was close to the evening, the warm sun came out again and drove away the dark clouds, leaving a clear blue sky.

An interesting episode happened during our activity. As soon as we hung up our banners and put up our picture boards, a bus loaded with Chinese tourists stopped at the Chinese Embassy. The tourists were shocked as they got off the bus, as they did not expect to see the peaceful appeal by Falun Dafa practitioners. They were so drawn by the eye-catching Dafa banners and serene practitioners that they took out cameras and began taking pictures of this beautiful, peaceful scene. Some friendly tourists happily accepted the truth-clarifying materials that we handed to them.

In order to intensify the effect of our demonstration, practitioners gathered again to do Fa Zheng Nian on June 8. In spite of fatigue and pain, all of us persisted throughout the activity.

Time waits for no man, and chances could pass easily. Let all of us Dafa practitioners, continue to appeal and do Fa Zheng Nian so that people inside and outside China will have a bright future.


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