Geneva Audiences Praise Shen Yun's Presentation of China's Ancient Culture

Shen Yun Performing Arts dazzled and astounded Geneva audiences three nights in a row at the Théâtre du Léman last week.

Mr. Labadi, a real estate agent, praised Shen Yun for its presentation of China's rich and ancient culture. "I find that we don't talk enough about China's past. In the West we see the Egyptian past, we see the Roman past, and we know the modern China, but we don't know the past of China," he said.

Mr. Labadi highly praised the solo performances by Shen Yun's talented vocalists and said he enjoyed having the simultaneous translation of the lyrics.

He said he was pleased that the traditions of ancient China were not completely lost and were being preserved by New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts. "I found them good, very original, another image of China that we aren't used to seeing. And I thought that they have succeeded in preserving this."

Appreciates Return to Traditional Values

Mr. Toccato, who works in the National Labour Bureau, was moved by the show.

He said he was touched by the themes of "returning to tradition, traditional values, universal values" that he saw in the show. "In the end, all the traditions join into one, I really appreciated that," he said.

"I find there are values in Chinese culture that I see in my own culture. So, in fact there are not traditions, but one tradition, and this show illustrated (proves) that."

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