Belgium: Raising Awareness about the 50 Million Withdrawals from the CCP

On March 21st, 2009, in Brussels' Chinatown, the Belgian 'Quit the CCP organisation' held an activity to spread the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, as well as support the 50 million Chinese people who have quit the CCP and its’ affiliated organisations.

A banner giving support to the 50 million Chinese people who had quit the CCP were flying alongside a banner calling on an end of the CCPs live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners’ organs were particularly eye catching, next to them were placed different display boards, which used precious historical photos to expose the crimes the CCP committed against Chinese people in history, including the magnificent feats of certain people of justice of the present day who have stood up to quit the CCP and also give support to quitting the CCP.

After industrial designer Mr. Weilei saw the banners, he came over and wrote down a statement reading “Stop forcefully harvesting humanities organs. All must tear down the hypocrisy that is the CCP”. He also supported the Chinese peoples’ big wave of quitting the CCP. He expressed that he hated the CCP, and that it has been bad since Marx started it.

An old woman from Vietnam, after seeing the display photos talked about the CCPs “three oppositions”, “five oppositions”, and the “great leap forward” and several other historical events in different eras where Chinese people were cruelly killed. She was sympathetic towards them, and expressed that in Vietnam, the CCP does it like that also, and that the people there have no rights. She took a French version of “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, to give her daughter to read when she went home.

Mr. An Ruike is engaged in industry in the European Union committee, he is an official of business management work. At the scene of the activity he expressed to the Quit the CCP centre workers that he often reads the “Da JiYuan newspaper (the Epoch Times)” and moreover that he knows about the things that are happening in China, especially about how the CCP tramples on human rights, and how there is no freedom in the news media, and moreover how they are used to serve the authorities. He wishes to understand more situations, and wishes success to the support for those quitting the CCP.

A Chinese student at first thought that they were saying that China was bad, and was refusing to accept leaflets. A Quit the CCP centre volunteer told her about the difference between the “Chinese Communist Party” and “China”, and about the crimes that the CCP has committed against China and the Chinese people, and especially introduced her to the historical lessons of how Eastern European and Central European countries had recognised the evil nature of Communism and abandoned the Communist party and moved towards Democracy. This foreign student at first thought earnestly about what is truly for the betterment of China and the Chinese people, and in the end she accepted the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, and decided to have a good read of it.

Mrs. Pan of the Belgian Quit the CCP centre expressed after the activities concluded that in China over 50 million people have already done the “Three Withdrawals” (Quitting the Communist party and its affiliated organisations), especially the former intelligence official Li Fengzhi standing up publicly to quit the CCP, as a testimony to history. The three withdrawals are especially important for China's future, and we should still continue to do these sort of activities.

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