Three Packed Performances in Poland

Audience praises Shen Yun as perfect

On Saturday, March 28th, 2009, the New York-based Divine Performing Arts group (DPA or Shen Yun) staged two performances in Wroclaw, Poland. Even though it was the first time that DPA visited Poland, the three performances on the 27th and the 28th attracted all walks of life, including Members of Parliament, Vice Governors, professors, art VIPs, company directors and Chinese people. Everyone was deeply moved by the pure kindness and pure beauty of Shen Yun’s art. Similar to the first two performances, the Saturday night show was all sold out.

Theatre staff and many audience members commented that it was a commercial and cultural miracle for an oriental show with the theme of reviving traditional Chinese culture to achieve such popularity in the current economic environment. This demonstrated that Shen Yun is a gem treasured by the entire mankind.

CEO of the National Bank of Poland: enjoyed the combination of peace and movements

Mr. Jerzy Pruski, the CEO of the National Bank of Poland, attended the evening performance on the 28th with his wife, Zolanta. During intermission, they commented that the show was extraordinary, an interesting cultural feast.

Zolanta is the head of Auditing at the National Bank. She said, “It is rare to see a performance as rich in content. Naturally it aroused great interests. For us, Shen Yun was an interesting cultural feast. We have always wanted to see what Chinese classic dance was about.”

“The music was very interesting, sweet and smooth. We did not expect the dance could so effortlessly combine inner peace with movements. Music was the same. It gave you a sense of movement, yet at the same time calmness. We enjoyed it very much.”

The Polish finance heavyweight, Mr. Pruski preferred to remain low profile. He did not want to be interviewed but smiled, “I share my wife’s feelings. I completely agree with what she said.”

Polish nobleman: I admire DPA from the bottom of my heart

During intermission at the evening performance on the 28th, an elderly gentleman with tears in his eyes attracted attention. Upon inquiry, the gentleman who shed tears for "We Walk the Path to Heaven Despite Persecution" was Mr. Zabiello, a Polish nobleman who had seen much of the world.

Mr. Zabiello spent most of his life fighting against tyranny. When Nazi occupied Poland during World War II, he was a member of AK, the famous underground anti-Nazi organization. Later when the communists took hold of Poland, he joined the anti-communist Solidarnosc. Due to his background, he paid special attention to the piece that depicted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong. He said, “I thought a long time about that piece. Chinese people are suffering great pain. Without a doubt, a normal society will arrive, like to other countries in the world. The totalitarian government is alien to Chinese culture. I sincerely hope Chinese people will enjoy freedom and democracy. With democracy, China will become a world leader.”

Having experienced a totalitarian communist regime, he “hopes China will get better and better just like Poland. The situation in Poland was once very similar to that in China.”

According to Mr. Zabiello, he is one of the few remaining noblemen in Wroclaw, related to the Poniatowski family, one of the three most famous aristocrats in Poland. An architect by profession, he expressed his admiration for DPA, “Obviously the performance was excellent! The colours were so beautiful. I did not know China had such advanced culture. I admired the show from the bottom of my heart and enjoyed it tremendously.”

He said that even though he could not completely understand oriental culture, he was very much fascinated, not because it was popular but because it was a place inhabited by beautiful people. He added, “I have read that Chinese culture is very unique. We all came from there.”

Finally he mentioned an ancient prophesy, “When the Chinese people come it will be good for us.” Mr. Zabiello hoped it will come true.

Polish tenor: sore throat was miraculously cured during the performance

“I was very lucky to have seen such a perfect performance. The dances were wonderful. The singers were all marvellous!” Having seen DPA’s third performance in Wroclaw, tenor Mr. Andrzej M. Jurkiewicz told the reporter excitedly.

Mr. Jurkiewicz expanded elatedly, “They were outstanding tenor, baritone and soprano. I admire them, especially the tenor, as I am a tenor myself. The singing was loud and powerful from the beginning till the end. It was very professional.”

Mr. Jurkiewicz named two of his favourite instruments, Suona in the orchestra and Erhu.

He said, “Next year I will invite everyone that I know, more people to see the show.”

“Five thousand years of Chinese culture is well worth us getting to know. The DPA performance included many legends and ethnic dances from various regions.”

He also said happily, “Perhaps it was fate that I had a sore throat from before Thursday, which disappeared miraculously in the theatre. I had never expected anything like this.”

Mr. Jurkiewicz concluded, “I wish DPA a successful European tour. If they would remember Poland, I hope they would visit our country again. I wish them every success. Hope this will not be their last time in Poland.”

Ballet dancer: the show was perfect

“I loved the show. It was perfect to me. As a ballet dancer I know very well that the performers had superb skills and exquisite movements. DPA was perfect to me.” A Japanese ballet dancer since the age of eight, Ikego, told the reporter excitedly.

Having seen the matinee performance on the 28th, Ms. Ikego could not wait to share her joy. During the interview, she stressed time and again how perfect the show was.

Ms. Ikego said that she knew about a few Chinese stories from before, such as the Monkey King, which she enjoyed very much. She said, “Their skills were superb. As a ballet dancer, I know how difficult the movements were. But they completed them so beautifully, which was the reason why I enjoyed it so much.”

Ms. Ikego also said that she would tell her friends, when you come to see the show you will see how elegant and perfect the show is.

Chinese audience: this is the essence of traditional culture

The amazing performance overwhelmed not only Polish audience but also Chinese. Mr. Wang (alias) who have been in Poland for over a year talked about his impression, “It felt great. My favourite was classical dances. The ethnic dances were also good. I felt a bit nostalgic afterwards. While cultures are being globalised, I thought it important for each nation to learn more about their own traditional culture, which can not be discarded. Traditional culture is important. That’s why I loved Shen Yun.”

Mr. Wang emphasized, “There is a spiritual element in traditional culture, which goes beyond the material exterior. Divine Performing Arts (Shen Yun) means you can see in it divine charm, which is the essence of traditional culture.”

Mrs. Huang (alias) who recently came to Poland to visit relatives said, “I was lucky to see a Chinese performance like this. It was great. DPA presented five thousand years of Chinese history at a high calibre. We can not see programs like this in mainland. The Chinese New Year Gala (done by the CCP) is filled with advertisement for the Party.”

“I loved the Monkey King and the piece that told the story of Ji Gong. They were very rich in content. The DPA show had very high cultural and spiritual values,” said Mrs. Huang.

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