Divine Performing Arts, Recommended by French Government Officials and Artists, Will Present Its Performance Soon in Paris

The Divine Performing Arts will present four evening shows at Paris Conference Centre between February 27 and March 1, 2009. French government officials and artists, who had seen and appreciated the grace and elegance of the Divine performance, expressed their welcome and joy. They strongly recommend the Divine Performing Arts and hope that everyone, French or Chinese or people of other nationalities, will be able to go and see the Divine Spectacular.

The French MP and former Mayor of Versailles Etienne Pinte said, “I was fascinated by the vivid and extremely innovative Divine Spectacular, from which I learnt a lot about Chinese history. So, I hope that everyone who has not seen the Divine Spectacular, French people or people of other regions and even the Chinese people in China, will all be able to see and appreciate the Divine Performing Arts and be admired, as I was, by the fantastic Divine Spectacular.”

Marie-Silva Manuel, a famous French dramatist and director, expressed, “Anyone, who has seen such beautiful things wishes to share them with more people and tell people of his or her nice memories. The Divine Spectacular is so beautiful that we must let more people see it because it is extraordinarily beautiful.”

“Quick, go and see it! Because you will be amazed by the beauty of the Divine Spectacular. You will find a China that you might not recognize, a China that you have never seen.” Marie-Silva Manuel added: “The dancers of the Divine Performing Arts have superb dancing skills. Their costumes are so colourful. The lighting is as bright as broad daylight. The music is so beautiful and moving and the traditional ancient Chinese music instruments have come to life. It is really an exceptional artistic entertainment. So, everybody must go and see the Divine Spectacular.”

Paris is known as the capital of world arts. The French love arts, enjoy arts and have excellent aesthetic appreciation. They will again be overwhelmed by the performance of the Divine Performing Arts.

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