I Was Promoted While Not Pursuing Gain

The annual performance reviews conducted by my employer recently began. Our academic dean is from the United States. He is an internationally renowned scientist who has a reputation for being fair and efficient. To control corruption, he requested that this year's annual performance reviews and placements be done out in the open and with complete transparency.

On the day of the duty reports, I was the last speaker. I have been practicing Falun Gong for nine years, and I care very little for personal fame and gain, but to fulfil my job requirements, I was required to participate.

In making efforts to be promoted, most applicants try all sorts of things, such as presenting gifts to those in charge, writing anonymous letters, or resorting to deception. Some have even turned on each other. Despite this, I decided to just let things proceed naturally, and I gave a straightforward report.

During my report, the auditorium was very quiet. I introduced my academic achievements, which included over 30 articles in internationally recognized journals and five academic books. At the end of my report, I said, "Despite making progress in my field, I still have a long way to go to reach the requirements. I am willing to withdraw my application and give my chance to other scholars if the number of promotions is limited." The audience gave me great applause both during the report and afterwards.

In the end, I heard someone in the audience shout, "The Falun Gong practitioner has high morals."

In the end, I was promoted by the Review and Adjudication Board with an unanimous vote based on my academic record and performance.

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