Sweden: Falun Gong Practitioners Invited to the Stockholm Harmony Health Expo

The “Harmony Health Expo” was held in Liljeholmen, Stockholm, Sweden on the 1st and 2nd of November. In response to an invitation from the host, Falun Gong practitioners described Falun Gong’s development since its introduction in 1992 and at the same time exposed the evil Chinese Communist Party's brutal nine year persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. This year, practitioners also promoted the Divine Performing Arts Spectacular.

Falun Gong is a traditional cultivation method with simple exercises which have high efficiency in improving the body. Many people stopped to look at practitioners' exercise demonstration, an introduction to the Divine Performing Arts Spectacular, as well as chat with practitioners. After understanding what Falun Gong is and the true situation of the persecution that is happening in China, people happily took leaflets.

A woman who came from Uppsala, not long ago received a copy of the introductory book “Falun Gong” from her friend. She was very interested in this exercise method and at times she would imitate the movements in according to how it was in the book. After seeing Falun Gong here today, she felt that is was very magical, and was very happy. With the help of practitioners she found a Falun Gong practitioner from the Uppsala region. She asked many questions and after she received answers she left contentedly.

A woman called Elisabeth is a teacher in Stockholm. After she and her husband received an introduction to Falun Gong, they simply loved it so much. The couple inquired about the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the CCP, and upon learning about the situation she was very shocked: “That’s just too evil! It is simply unimaginable. For such a good exercise method to be persecuted they (the CCP) must have a problem with their minds. We must certainly practice this way of cultivation” The couple then requested a copy of Falun Dafa's main text, Zhuan Falun, and expressed how they would first read this book well after going home. They left their telephone contact number and email address and when leaving especially urged, “When the Divine Arts group comes to Sweden next year, by all means tell us in advance.”

A female practitioner called Helene, who was responsible for relations with the Health Expo, received a phone call from the host before the end of the exhibition. The host with great kindness invited Falun Gong practitioner to take part in the forthcoming Harmony Health Expo next spring. The Swedish people like the ancient Chinese traditional culture.

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