"Looking Inward" is a Cultivation Tool, and Should Not Become a Catch Phrase

Master requires that Dafa disciples look inward when meeting with conflicts. Faced with conflicts, as long as Dafa disciples look inward, the conflicts will be buffered. Our fellow practitioners always talk about "looking inward." Accordingly, when we meet with conflicts, interference or when we are persecuted, we all know that we should look inward to find out if we have any attachments, omissions, or ways in which we haven't done well, and we will superficially admit that we should get rid of them and do better next time.

And that's all. Later on, when we commit the same wrongdoings, again we speak about our omissions in front of our fellow practitioners, saying that we have exposed our attachments; however, the same problem occurs again. Repeatedly we circle around and cannot walk out of this trap. As a result, many fellow practitioners feel that we have already cultivated ourselves for a long period, and it seems that we cannot improve ourselves any more. Now the progress of Fa-rectification is nearing the end, however we still have a lot of human attachments. Thus, some of our fellow practitioners are increasingly frustrated, and our commitment to cultivating ourselves diligently has decreased.

However, we all forget one critical thing--that "looking inward" is the way to truly cultivate ourselves. Looking inward is the process of cultivation and of assimilating ourselves into Dafa. Thus, "looking inward" should not become a catch phrase. It wouldn't work if we only talked about "looking inward" and "exposing our human attachments." We have to cultivate ourselves, truly cultivate ourselves. To find our omissions, human attachments, human notions and the aspects of Dafa that we don't follow, we should rectify ourselves through Dafa, without any exceptions, get rid of our attachments, assimilate ourselves into Dafa and then generate the high standard of pure righteous thoughts and righteous beliefs that conform to Dafa under the direction and rectification of Dafa. And as a result, we should perform righteous actions under the name of "Dafa disciple." This is my understanding of the whole process of "looking inward."

My fellow practitioners, please do not regard "looking inward" as a simple catch phrase, nor a routine to follow. "Looking inward" is a precious mighty gift given to us by Master to help us improve our xinxing, eliminate the evil factors, save sentient beings and reach Consummation. We must cherish "looking inward" and utilize it well. Master gives us the ultimate truth of the universe, which has never been revealed to anyone since ancient times. Master grants us the magnificent glory of the universe. Master imbues us with significant historical missions to save sentient beings. How do we ensure that we will fulfill our missions successfully? Only by "looking inward" when we are faced with conflicts and ordeals. If we truly learn how to "look inward," and how to grasp and utilize it at will, then in our cultivation way of the Fa-rectification period, we truly can reach the status of "the Great Way is unmatched throughout heaven and earth."

This is only my personal understanding. My fellow practitioners, please kindly comment on and point out anything inappropriate.

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