Poland: Raising Awareness about Falun Dafa During Poland's Multi-Cultural Day

On the afternoon of August 13th, 2008, on the main road to Swietokrzyska in the middle of Warsaw a colourful procession drew the attention of countless pedestrians. This parade was the centerpiece of Poland’s 2008 Multicultural Day.

In the parade, a float displaying the words “Falun Gong is good” was especially eye catching. On both sides of the float were Falun Gong practitioners wearing yellow practice outfits demonstrating the five graceful Falun Gong exercises. In front and behind the float was a dancing team and a troupe of drummers. To the sides of the float were practitioners wearing Tang dynasty-style Chinese attire handing out flyers to onlookers. Stack after stack of leaflets were taken and the splendid performance attracted the enthusiastic applause of the crowd.

Poland’s Multicultural day began in 2007, and is to be held once every year. The title of this year's event is “Boundless borders of Warsaw”. This year over fifty groups took part in the activities.

The Polish Falun Gong Association took part in the first cultural day in 2007 and and one part of their exhibition was folding Lotus flowers, which drew in oceans of people in Poland and was also reported on a local television station. This year Falun Gong practitioners once again took part in the activity, and were the recipient of the organisers energetic support and they provided two places at the end of the parade where Falun Gong practitioners could spread the Fa, combined with over 7 different stages for different performances.

When the dancing troupe and waist-drum troupe began their circuit performance, everywhere they went they received a hearty welcome from the Polish people and the five Falun Gong exercises gave people a completely new impression. The Lotus flower dance and the waist drum dance displayed the elegant demeanour of China. The president of the Polish Falun Gong Association Mr. Tomekkowalski explained the particulars about Falun Gong and its history of development. There were over 10,000 Polish people watching the exercise demonstration. From beginning to end, there were unceasing requests for group photos, group photos with the “Falun Gong boat”, group photos with the dance troupe, group photos with the waist drum troupe, and group photos with the Falun Gong practitioners wearing exercise outfits and Tang dynasty costumes. Media from all over Warsaw also unceasingly interviewed Falun Gong practitioners. The divine Chinese culture deeply fascinated the Polish people.

After the seven dance performances, in response to the onlookers request, Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises many times. In over six hours, practitioners only had about ten minutes time to eat.

A Polish man watched the performance from beginning to end and even when it was getting dark he didn’t want to leave. He said, “Every day if it is not painful in one part of my body it is painful in another part, whilst not having a single day of comfort, after hearing your performance, I don’t feel even a bit of pain, I haven’t felt the feeling of being free of illness for a long time, but today I have, it really is so comfortable, thank you all, thank you.” After bowing several times in thanks to the Falun Gong practitioners, finally he left after following with his eyes the leaving Falun Gong practitioners.

The Falun Gong exhibition table was situated in the bustling street and around the table were spread many different boards with different content. The Falun Gong practitioners wanted to bring the good tidings of this peaceful cultivation practice to the people, and also told the people about the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP. Calling on people to give out a righteous voice, and to stop the persecution. Many Polish people signed their names at the petition table, expressing their support for Falun Gong.

The Lotus flower folding table was made for children, but these Lotus flowers which signified the noble character and morals of did not only draw in the great interest of children but also similarly their parents and grandparents also became fond of this. Often the whole family, Grandparent and Grandchildren and the several generations, each pitching in to the task, everyone having a go, and not until they had completed a Lotus flower would they contentedly leave. After many passers by had seen these adults within the children’s area, they felt curious and also squeezed in after all. And when they had seen the Lotus flowers they couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration, “So beautiful, can I make one?”

Several hours passed by and looking at the children filled with an expression of looking forward to what they are doing, and seeing the young adults holding the Lotus flowers in both hands and folding their petals, watching the old people on walking sticks waiting patiently and seeing Falun Gong practitioners not having time to attend to their meals and drinking water. By the time it was dark all the materials had been used up, and there were still many people who wanted a Lotus flower, so Falun Gong practitioners gave some amulets with “Falun Gong is good” printed on them to those people who were not willing to leave, heartily wishing them to have a bright future.

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