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American Congressmen Condemn the CCP's Assaults on Falun Gong

Agency France Presse reported on June 5th that two American congressmen accused the CCP regime of prompting the attack on the New York Falun Gong practitioners. They also appealed to the American government to raise an objection to the CCP.

The report says, last month when Falun Gong practitioners were holding a CCP condemnation gathering and distributing flyers they were attacked.

Agency France Presse quoted the local police’s words reported by the New York Times newspaper, saying there were six people arrested, three charged with assault offences and others accused of disturbing social order.

The report says, Falun Gong practitioners circulated a telephone recording tape. On it was a Chinese dialogue between an investigator and a high-ranking official of the New York Chinese Consulate. The recording tape showed that the New York Chinese Consulate officer approved the massive violent attack on the Falun Gong practitioners at Flushing.

The American Republic Congressmen Tom Tancredo and Dana Rohrabacher accused on Thursday the CCP regime of manipulating the attack and appealed to President Bush to raise an objection to the CCP. They also requested an explanation of the affair from the CCP.

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo said on a forum in the Congress, I think it was the Chinese Consulate who organized these ruffians to attack those peaceful people. They must bear the responsibility for that.

Mr. Tancredo said, “the American government should launch an investigation. If my judgment on the initial cause of this affair was accurate, America should raise an objection to the CCP’s regime. Meanwhile, we should take forceful action and the possibility of including expelling the attackers who broke the law”.

A forty-eight year old American Chinese, Zhudi Chen, has two sons serving in the American army in Iraq. Ms. Chen said she was also attacked. Ms. Chen questioned, is this China or America? Ms. Chen expressed that her family members were persecuted during the Chinese culture revolution and later on she emigrated to America.

The two Congressmen both expressed, the attack on the Falun Gong practitioners was a public offence against the rights of religious freedom and liberation on American soil.

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