Online Version of the Book "New Life, New Hope" Released on the German Minghui Website

On-line version of the book "New Life, New Hope" released on the German Minghui Web site

The book "New Life, New Hope"," the release of which was announced on April 3rd 2008 by the Web site Minghui, is now available as an on-line version: PDF-form for Download (844KB) in the German language.


New Life -- New Hope
Healing Powers of Falun Dafa

The amazing stories in this book are first-hand experiences by people of all ages and social backgrounds. In many cases these people who had suffered serious and often life-threatening illnesses were cured after beginning to practise Falun Gong.

Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, is practised worldwide by millions of people. You may have already read about it in the media or have come across a Falun Dafa parade or some event. Often, groups of practitioners are seen in parks where they practice the serene and calm exercise movements or are sitting on the ground with legs crossed and meditate.

Most of the people who practise the exercises daily and live by the principles of Falun Dafa tell of health improvements. Often, there are subtle changes, such as improved stress resistance, improved sleeping pattern, a feeling of lightness, increased levels of energy and a better disposition. On the other hand, many report dramatic health improvements, as the experience stories in this book talk about. Even, life-threatening illnesses were cured.

The book is available from the publishing house Artha:
The e-mail address is: (in German). One also can order in a bookstore.

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