Flushing, New York: Chinese Residents Support Falun Gong, Veteran Party Member Quits CCP

On May 31, Falun Gong practitioners and human rights activists from all circles held a grand rally in front of the Flushing Public Library to condemn recent violence in Flushing instigated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). At the rally site, many local Chinese residents expressed their support for Falun Gong and condemned the violence orchestrated by the CCP.

A Veteran Party Member Quits the CCP at the Rally Site

Mr. Wang is a painter who immigrated to the U.S. six years ago from Shandong Province. When he was interviewed, he said: "Falun Gong is a good group and justice is with them; therefore, I support Falun Gong. The practitioners are pushed to the political stage by the CCP."

Wang said: "I joined the CCP when I was just 20 years old and I have been a member for more than 40 years." When he learned that he could quit the CCP through The Epoch Times newspaper and issue a formal statement, he asked a volunteer of the Tuidang (Quitting the CCP) Service Centre to help him quit at the site.

When asked his opinion about the recent violence in Flushing, he said: "These people are just thugs. The CCP can only buy these kinds of people to do such shameful things. They are just cursing with no logical argument... The CCP is so corrupt and every Chinese person knows this... Though experts gave accurate predictions of the Sichuan Earthquake and repeatedly warned the government, the CCP didn't inform residents in the quake zone, fearing the news might jeopardise the Beijing Olympics. The CCP never cares about people. For this reason, tens of thousands died. Furthermore, as construction companies bribed government officials, they were able to build many substandard school buildings, using little steel reinforcement. Because of this, countless students were killed. In contrast, government buildings mostly withstood the quake. The root of evil in China is just the CCP."

Businessman: I have no fear despite CCP interference

Mr. Yin, who originally came from Anhui Province

Mr. Yin, born in Anhui Province, has lived in the US for more than 10 years. When interviewed, he said: "I know that these violent assaults were instigated by the CCP. Those people won't dare do these without the CCP. In addition, I think that many of them are here just for money, as they appear to be illegal immigrants."

During the course of the interview, a man in a red jacket cursed at and tried to frighten Mr. Yin. Yin said: "I am not afraid despite the CCP interference.

"These thugs are totally ignorant. Why would they come here? Most of them are here for money. Of course, there could be some who are misled by the CCP propaganda. They should know that the CCP is not equal to China."

In the end, Yin said that everyone has the right to express one's opinion, but those who resorted to violence should be deported. "They can go back China to show how much they love 'China'. In fact, if they go back, they won't be treated well by the CCP as they would be useless for it. Many of these people fled from China for a better life. Unfortunately, they would do these kinds of shameful things for money. It is really sad."

CTO: Flushing Incident Reveals How Weak the CCP Is

George Xu is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a high tech company in Long Island, and he said: "Though the Flushing assault incident appears to be very rampant, it just reveals how weak the party is and its great fear of justice. It is just using violence to cover up its crisis and this is so ridiculous.

The CTO said: "CCTV's (Chinese Central TV) propaganda might mislead some people, however, many of them will gradually learn about the truth through Falun Gong practitioners' truth-clarifying efforts. Thugs who are hired by the CCP to assault Falun Gong are very pitiful. They are trading their conscience for money."

"Many of my friends have donated money to help people in the quake zone. However, we all donated through the Red Cross because we can't trust organisations based in China."

Shanghai Immigrant: Why don't other Chinese media report facts of the earthquake?

Ms. Li is an immigrant from Shanghai, and she came to see the rally upon hearing the news. "I have been sick and thus haven't been outside for quite a while. I didn't know what was going on."

From The Epoch Times, she learned that the Sichuan earthquake was in fact accurately predicted by experts and yet the CCP didn't inform the public and even blocked overseas rescue teams from entering the quake zone in the first 72 hours after the quake. For this reason, many people who could have been saved died.

"Why won't other Chinese media report on these facts? Are they afraid of the CCP? This is the United States, not Mainland China. To learn the truth, you have to read The Epoch Times," the older lady said.

Regarding the violence in Flushing, she said: "The CCP is now instigating hatred against Falun Gong here to divert public attention from the earthquake. What do they want to achieve? To let Americans see how Chinese people attack Chinese people? What a shame!"

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