Australia: Rally Held in Melbourne to Support the Withdrawals from the CCP

On May 3rd, a rally "Supporting 36 Million Withdrawals from the CCP" was held at City Square in Melbourne. The attendees condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for arresting Falun Gong practitioners before the Olympics and called upon people to recognise the evil nature of the CCP and to quit the Party.

Reading the display boards
Handing out truth-clarifying materials
Clarifying the truth to people
Reading the truth-clarifying materials
Reading truth-clarifying materials

Protesters displayed all kinds of banners to expose the brutality of the CCP. Many citizens, including Chinese students, read the banners and signed their names to support the withdrawals.

Rally participants called attention to the fact that the CCP has arrested many Falun Gong practitioners before the Olympics; in Guanzhou City alone, more than 30 practitioners were arrested in April. They also called upon Chinese people to quit the CCP and pointed out that quitting the Party is beneficial to the whole country.

Mr. Wang Peng, a representative from the Service Centre for Quitting the Party, said, "The CCP is afraid of the trend of quitting the Party. They have sent secret agents to interfere with the telephone hot lines to the Service Centre for Quitting the Party. But the interference cannot stop the increasing number of withdrawals. More than 40 thousand people quit the Party every day."

Ms. Wang Ying, a Falun Gong practitioner who was tortured in a Chinese prison for seven years, shared her personal experiences at the rally, which shocked many people. Ms. Wang also said, "I have seen a lot of posters and flyers in Beijing that urge people to quit the Party. Many friends and co-workers of mine have received phone calls from overseas, which convinced them to quit the Party."

More and more Australians started paying attention to the trend of quitting the Party and the book, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Mr. Brian Smith is one of the many Australians who supports this movement. He has attended many activities and handed out materials. He said, "I am glad to see more than 36 million Chinese have quit the Party. Chinese people don't have freedom. They should have their human rights."

Emil Wolk of Melbourne carefully read every display board at the rally. He said, "People should have the right to express their opinions. The brutality of the CCP saddens me."

John Love, who just came back from a trip to China, said, "The CCP is not the same as China, and loving China is not equivalent to loving the CCP. Some Chinese don't understand this."

Mr. Love continued, "Chinese people should understand that protesters boycotting the Olympic Torch Relay does not mean they are against Chinese people. What they are against is the Chinese government, which has done so many horrible, unacceptable things. I think the whole world should support the withdrawals from the CCP.

"I read a novel describing people's sufferings during the Cultural Revolution. You must have tissues ready to wipe your tears when you read this novel. The CCP ruined the culture of this country. It is anti-humanity and not acceptable. Everyone should know what we are against is the CCP, not China."

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