Two Schoolteachers Arrested in Tianjin City

On the afternoon of April 7th, 2008, two schoolteachers employed in the Shigezhuang and Wuqing Districts were arrested. Ms. Zhao Fei and Ms. Liu Lihua--both Falun Gong practitioners--were arrested by police from the Wuqing Department and the Shigezhuang Station. Their homes were also ransacked. At 6:00 p.m. Ms. Liu was released, but Ms. Zhao Fei was still detained.

Reportedly, the school where the two women worked had assigned people to watch them twenty-four hours a day. Ms. Zhao Fei and Ms. Liu Lihua were watched during the period of the Qingming Festival (April 4th, 2008). They were forbidden to go out. Ms. Zhao informed the people monitoring her that watching her and suppressing her personal freedom was illegal. She reported it to different levels of officers and later contacted Liu Shengfu, the headmaster of Shigezhuang School. Liu Shengfu, together with agents of the Political and Judiciary Committee of the town, reported Ms. Zhao and Ms. Liu to the police for distributing leaflets exposing the persecution to students and telling them the facts about Falun Gong. The police came to arrest them and ransacked their homes. They took away all Falun Gong books and computers.

In 2000, Ms. Zhao Fei and Ms. Liu Lihua went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. They were arrested and detained by agents from the Shigezhuang Township and police station. At the station, they were beaten and left with cuts and bruises all over. Their faces were disfigured and their hands and feet burnt by the shocks of electric batons. The communist party officials even handcuffed them to utility poles and put them on display in public to defame them.

Ms. Zhao Fei and Ms. Liu Lihua tolerated the humiliation that others could not bear. They still worked hard, winning respect from the students through their sincerity and kindness. The other teachers also understood and supported them.

Miao Hongwei (male), director of the Wuqing Community Police Department: 86-22-82170001 (Office), 86-22-82179988 (Home)
Liu Shengfu (male): schoolmaster of Shigezhuang: 86-22-22159223 (Office), 86-22-22158558 (Home), 86-13820381878(Mobile)
Cai Yuru (female), Shigezhuang Elementary School Principal: 86-22-22159467 (Office)
Li Baohua (male), director of the Shigezhuang Police Station: 86-22-22159127 (Office), 86-13920489758 (Mobile)
Du (first name and gender unknown), Shigezhuang 610 Office: 86-22-22159898 (Office), 86-22-22159527(Home)

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