United States: Vice President of a Business Capital Firm says that the Divine Performing Arts Is Exquisite and Very Unique

On the evening of February 8th, 2008, the thirteenth show of the Chinese Spectacular presented by NTDTV played at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Many business entrepreneurs came to see Senior Vice President John Donlon, from RBS Business Capital located in Manhattan, attendended the show. He has visited many Asian countries including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

John Donlon , Senior Vice President of RBS Business Capital in Manhattan

Mr. Donlon attended the show on February 8th and said, "Very interesting, very Oriental, very Chinese. This show is different from ordinary shows that can be seen in US. The performance is exquisite and the dancers are very elegant, with graceful and unique movements.He said that every year he sees many Broadway shows, but this show was different from all others he has seen. He said that the choreography, the dance movements, the music and the drumming were very unique and fascinating. Regarding the meaning behind the performances, he said, "Through this show I saw the spirituality behind the Chinese culture. I also learned about the oppression of freedom in China today."

"Chinese culture is very different from Western culture," he continued. "The way of thinking, the way of looking at things are all different. The music is so different. The rhythm in the Chinese music is different from that in the West."

He mentioned that he was especially impressed by the theme of the show.

"The theme of the songs and the dances depicted good and evil, freedom and oppression. 'The Risen Lotus Flower' was very expressive and shows that there is no freedom of religious belief in China."

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