Brutality in Tieling City Labour Camp

Brutality in Tieling City Labour Camp

Recently, the persecution at Tieling City Forced Labour Camp, Liaoning Province, has escalated. Officials there claimed: "There is a new policy from the top, you Falun Gong practitioners better prepare for some harsh treatment."

In July 2001, the camp authority sent some practitioners who refused to give up their belief to Liaoyang City Labor Camp. Right now 32 practitioners remain at Tieling.

In the morning of March 14, 2002, guards ordered practitioners to perform forced labour. Practitioner Yang Guoquan refused to work saying he had done nothing wrong. As a punishment for his defiance, Yang was beaten by the division head, Wang Zhibin. Consequently, all Dafa practitioners staged a protest by refusing to work. They also demanded that the camp officials unlock practitioner Wang Quan's shackles (he had been wearing shackles over ten days as an arbitary punishment ). Deputy camp head Wang Tiemin and his assistant Wang Zhibin forcefully sent seven practitioners (Yang Guoquan, Han Haidong, Zhang Wencheng, Liu Qingyu, Qiu Jiyao, Yang Guoxiang, and Zhang Guojing) to the labour team. Of them, Yang Guoquan, Han Haidong, and Zhang Wencheng were shackled. All were forced to conduct heavy-duty labour.

On March 28, 2002, the camp education chief Mao Hengfeng, Wang Zhibin and a few prison guards started to physically torture Han Haidong, Yang Guoxiang and Zhang Guojing by using electric batons, trying to get them to sign a letter promising to give up Falun Gong.

In the evening of the same day, Guard Wang Xiantao, from the No. 3 division, continued with the torture. He shocked the three practitioners with electric batons while shouting, "Hit your heads against the wall, or I will shock you more."

Deputy camp head Wang Tiemin instructed the guards to intensify the torture of the practitioners who were sent down to the labour team. He also made up rules that include no talking among practitioners and disallowing the families to send food, clothes, and other items to them. Anyone caught violating the rules is subjected to longer terms.

The day after the seven practitioners were forced to join the labour team, eight other practitioners staged a hunger strike, demanding a return of the above mentioned seven practitioners. In order to force them to end the strike, the camp education chief Mao Hengfeng and the division head Wang Zibin brought the hunger strikers individually to the office, handcuffed them to a iron chair and shocked them with high voltage electric batons. When they left, quite a few practitioners were badly burned.

As far as we know, the seven Dafa practitioners are still performing heavy-duty labour. Their families are not allowed to visit. Three are still wearing shackles (started from 14th MArch, and Wang Quan started from 3rd March).

Dafa practitioner Sun Hongbin is being held 14 days after his scheduled release.

Here we ask the police who abused Dafa practitioners at Tieling Force Labor Camp: Stop serving as Jiang Zemin's puppets ; stop the persecution. Otherwise, one day you will surly be held accontable for crimes against humanity.

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