High School Student Has No Place to Return to After School After Police Ransack and Occupy Her Family Home

Dafa practitioner Li Jun, who is from Wanquan County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, has been persecuted and imprisoned for four years. His house was completely searched, and valuables were taken away, leaving his parents-in-law with no home to return to. During the SARS epidemic, on May 16th, 2003, Mr. Li and his wife were persecuted, and they became homeless to avoid arrest. They were captured by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials in the Rental Department. Mr. Li was sentenced to 11 years in prison, and was sent to the First Prison of Hebei Province. His parents, in their seventies, were left home to take care of his young daughter. Because of old age and the absence of their son, and because Mr. Li's mother was suffering from lower back pain which left her unable to walk or sleep well, they went back to their own home. Later, Mr. Li's parents-in-law, Chen Guoyou and Jiang Cuilan, came to live in his house and helped take care of his daughter.

On the night of July 23rd, 2007, the CCP officials ransacked Mr. Li's home when no one was there, and took away all their valuable belongings. Clothes and bedding in the cabinet were thrown everywhere. Mr. Li's daughter's school started in August. When she came home from her grandparents to get some money and clothes, she found that her home had been ransacked. The money, which amounted to 30,000 yuan1 that her grandparents had saved for her living expenses and tuition, was stolen. The thieves were state officials and police. They still live in Mr. Li's home, even now. They claimed, "They are not home. We are gatekeepers for old Chen." They neither have the key for the gate on the street, nor for the home. Even before July 23rd, 2007, the Party employed many thugs and plainclothes agents to hang around the vicinity of Mr. Li's home. Everybody in the Wanquan District knows that Mr. Chen Guoyou, a retired teacher, is a good person. Now, he and his wife are forced to drift around destitute and homeless. The Party officials even posted photos of this elderly couple on public buses, inviting people who don't know the truth to report them. They also issued documents to freeze Mr. Chen's wages. In more than eight years of persecution, Mr. Chen and his wife have withstood the Party officials' abuse and torture. Back as early as July 20th, 1999, the Party officials shouted, "We will cut off Chen's head and hang it on the wall. Let's see who would dare to practise!"

Mr. Chen was twice taken away from home and held in the detention centre. During so-called sensitive dates, he was repeatedly detained in a local school. Despite the older couple's reliance on Mr. Chen's wages for their livelihood, the Wanquan District stopped paying him for more than a year. At that time, one had to go to the accounting department of the school district and sign a document to receive his salary. The former secretary of the Wanquan District, Guo Yajun, and the head, Gao Gui, used an old invoice to falsely claim Mr. Chen's wages from the school. When Mr. Chen found out and went to ask them for his salary, they refused to give it to him. After the new secretary, surnamed Tian, took office, Mr. Chen went to ask him for his retirement money. Without giving any reasons, he refused to give it to him, even now. All teachers in the school used their "wage cards" to withdraw their salaries from the bank, but Mr. Chen's wage card was withheld by the school administrators. After much difficulty, although he had finally gotten his salary back, his wage card was still withheld by the school accountant. Mr. Chen can get his salary only when the school accountant and administrators permit it. Mr. Chen's wife, Jiang Cuilan, was taken away from home and secretly sentenced to jail during the so-called "sensitive days" of May 13th, 2002 and October 3rd, 2004. She was released only after she was extremely weak and in critical condition. She was also detained in the detention centre three times and once in a local school with her husband. Mr. Chen's daughters and their families were also persecuted. Mr. Chen's daughter was sentenced in 2001 when his granddaughter was three years old. When her son was born, the Wanquan District stopped paying her salary. Mr. Chen's second daughter was also persecuted and has been homeless to this day. Her husband is still being detained right now. During the last eight years of persecution, Mr. Chen's family has never had a happy holiday together. During the most difficult time, the children of the family had no home to return to when they got out of school. They had to stay in their classmates' houses. Mr. Chen's family has never violated any laws, but because they practise Falun Dafa and follow Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, they have been persecuted and the family torn apart.

People participating in persecuting Dafa practitioners:

Li Min (Secretary of the Wanquan District): 86-313-2192828(Home), 86-13903132188(Mobile), 86-313-8979999(Mobile)

Wong, Congzhao (Magistrate of the Wanquan Country): 86-313-4233899(Office), 86-313-5908698(Home), 86-13323236606(Mobile),

Yang, Guiping (Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee): 86-313-4222012(Office)

Li, Fenglou (New Captain of the Wanquan Police Station): 86-313-4227608(Office)

Lin Bing (Head of the 610 Office): 86-313-4222045(Office)

Jiang Aiguo (State-brigade Captain): 86-313-4221688(Home), 86-313-868-2823(Office), 86-13603136126(Mobile), 86-13191914078(Mobile),


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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