Switzerland: 'The Persecution in China Doomed to Failure'

Falun Gong practitioners took part in the Asian Festival held in Bern, Switzerland. They set up an information booth in Thun Square and demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises on the stage. They raised awareness about the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners both inside and outside China.

The demonstration of the peaceful and gentle exercises in the crowded and noisy environment attracted many spectators. Many signed the petition on the spot protesting against the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Others accepted the leaflets exposing the Chinese regime’s atrocity of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners.

Mr. Waldokov is a businessman living in Bern suburb Ostermundigen. He had heard of Falun Gong several years ago, and wondered why the Chinese Communist regime would persecute Falun Gong.

Talking about his impression of Falun Gong, he said “I think it (Falun Gong) is very good; there is nothing bad about it. Personally I fully support Falun Gong. People should do more like the practitioners are doing. The activities not only can benefit individuals but they can also help promote the world peace. (sound recording).

Mr. Waldokov often came across Falun Gong practitioners in the Bern’s Rose Garden over the past several years. He received much information about Falun Gong and gained more understanding about the persecution. He thinks the persecution is doomed to fail: “I think it is a tragedy, very miserable. It is a curse upon the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They found that they cannot control the situation and try to rationalise the persecution with every means they can come up with. However the persecution will fail eventually, no matter what. It is most unfortunate that a lot of people will suffer as a result.”

During the Asian Festival, he learned of the Communist regime’s atrocities of harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners while they were still alive. He felt miserable upon hearing this kind of brutal act. “Forcefully harvesting organs, arrest, persecution, and finally slaughter. The masterminds and those who support the atrocities will eventually receive karmic retribution as a punishment.

Mr. Waldokov thinks that the Chinese people are very friendly. He also has a very good impression of China. He thought that the Chinese Communist regime will not last long. When he heard that there were twenty four million Chinese people had quit the CCP, he smiled. Quitting the CCP is splendid news. I hope it keeps spreading like wild fire, reaching every corner of China.”

Diana never heard of Falun Gong before. She asked how she could learn Falun Gong as soon as she saw the brochure at the information booth. A practitioner told her that she could learn it at the practice site near her residence, free of charge. He offered to show her the five sets of the exercises on the spot. She immediately started learning the five sets of the exercises.

“This is the first time I tried Falun Gong. It is so wonderful; I never felt so wonderful before.” When talking about why she wanted to learn Falun gong on the spot, she said: “I came out for a walk and came across the information booth accidentally. I walked toward the booth unintentionally, just like being attracted by a magnet.” She also indicated that she would try to look further into the persecution. She would go to a practice site to formally learn the practice. She embraced the practitioner showing her the exercises and thanked him repeatedly when she was about to leave.

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