Japan: "The Peaceful Journey of Falun Dafa" Photo Exhibit Brings the Facts of the Persecution to Hiroshima

On June 24th to July 8th, 2007, a photo exhibit themed "Peace and Environment" was held in the hall of the first floor at the Citizens' Communication Square in Hiroshima. The exhibit was jointly sponsored by NPS Corporation HPS International Social Welfare Organisation and Social Welfare City Construction Talents Storage. Seven groups participated in the exhibition, and each group exhibited the photos of their activities. Hiroshima Falun Gong practitioners were also invited as one of the groups to take part in the exhibition.

"The Peaceful Journey of Falun Dafa" photo exhibit helps Hiroshima people learn the truth about Falun Gong

Under the theme of the photo exhibit "The Peaceful Journey of Falun Dafa," there were six sections entitled, "First Introduction of Falun Dafa to the Public," "Dafa Suffers Persecution," "Truth about the Staged Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident and Harvesting of Organs from Living People," "Dafa Disciples Resist Persecution and Clarify the Truth," "Dafa Is Widespread Around the World," and "International Recognition and Awards."

In two weeks, many visitors have learned the truth about Falun Gong, particularly regarding the CCP's harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. Many people were shocked and felt it inconceivable that in peaceful times, there is still such inhuman persecution taking place in China.

Falun Gong practitioners also taught people to fold paper lotus flowers on the spot. Lotus flowers grow in muddy water, but emerge untainted by the mud, symbolising the noble character of cultivators. Many people that saw the delicate small lotus flowers came to learn to fold them while listening to practitioners explain in detail about cultivation and the persecution. Some other people looked at the photo exhibit and learned about the facts, and then they learned to practise the exercises on the spot. After the exhibition, they came to the practice site to learn the exercises.

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