Germany: Frankfurt Bathed in Sunshine

On June 23rd, 2007, people witnessed a miracle in the remote suburbs of Frankfurt. According to a performer in the Celestial Band, in the morning when the parade began, the rain began to pour down. One friend of the performer who lives in a remote suburb looked across the sky to see downtown Frankfurt split in two. One half of the sky was shattered by thunder and illuminated by lightning, while the other half of the sky was bathed in bright sunshine. This friend has lived in Frankfurt for many years and had never seen such a scene before.

Another performer in the Celestial Band is a white-collar worker for a company in Frankfurt. When her colleagues saw her performing music in the parade, they greeted her merrily. Ever since the parade at the culture festival some time ago, their attitude toward Falun Gong has changed. They were greatly impressed by the elegant Falun Gong marching band, particularly by the European Celestial Band.

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