Enchanting Images: Young Children Practising in Geneva (Photos)

Young Western Practitioners Practice in the Square in front of the United Nations (Photos)

By Yijun, practitioner from Taiwan

(Clearwisdom.net) On March 20, 2002, Dafa practitioners from all over the world peacefully appealed in the Square in front of the UN. Two young western practitioners were sitting on the lawn beside the square. They were cousins. One was age four (right), and the other was age four and a half (left). When I saw them, I thought they were very lovely. A while later, the younger one started reciting Teacher Li's poem "The Knowing Heart", in Chinese. I was still feeling very surprised by the time she had finishing reciting. She then started reciting "Tempering One's Heart and Mind" and "In Harmony with the Fa." Actually, they could recite several poems from Hongyin (A collection of Teacher Li’s poems) in Chinese. When I saw them again, the elder cousin was doing the sitting meditation, and the younger one was following her cousin. I immediately found a camera and took pictures of them.


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