The CCP Deflects Attention Regarding Its Crime of Harvesting Organs from Living Falun Gong Practitioners

On November 15th, 2006, just after the National Summit of Clinical Practices and Management of Human Organ Transplantation, chaired by the Ministry of Health, was held in Guangzhou, certain media reported, "It is illegal to transplant organs from people who are brain dead." Because of this, relevant leaders in the Ministry of Health quickly issued a statement saying that this was only making a fuss. Chen Zhonghua, deputy director of the Organ Transplant Branch of the Chinese Medical Association said, "I hope this was an error made by the leadership of the Ministry of Health or a reporting error by the journalist who wrote the report. Major issues should be announced by a ministry spokesperson. If the Ministry of Health issues a document forbidding such a practice, then I will stop."

Who is this Chen Zhonghua? He used to be the head of the Organ Transplant Research Centre at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan City. During the World Transplant Congress in July of 2006, he was accused of committing the most serious of crimes, genocide, for harvesting organs from living prisoners (including Falun Gong practitioners) without their consent and for profit. A lawsuit was filed against him in a U.S. court. As one of the three accused organ transplant "experts," Chen Zhonghua resigned as head of the Organ Transplant Research Centre at Tongji Hospital. On August 1st, he and others established the China Organ Donation Management Committee, which is responsible for the donation of organs from brain-dead people in China.

Why did the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) allow an individual with such a notorious reputation to be highlighted in the media?

Anyone who visits the Internet and checks the numerous documents on organ transplants will see the large number of cases of live organ transplants that Chen Zhonghua and his subordinates have performed during the past few years, and, without a single exception, no explanations are provided as to the sources of the organs for their numerous transplant surgeries. Chen Zhonghua has conducted 23 organ transplant surgeries from brain-dead donors over the years. In all of China there have been only 24 successful organ donations from brain-dead donors. Now they have tried to capitalise it, as if Chen had gained fame and profit all along from the "23 surgeries" he performed.

The standards and operations involving organ transplants from brain-dead donors is still a controversial issue in the international community. However, there is no controversy over the illegality of harvesting organs from living innocent people for commercial and political purposes!

The CCP regime is very clear about this, and that is why it encouraged the deputy minister of the Ministry of Health, Huang Jiefu, to sing the same old song at the summit, openly admitting that the organ transplant institutions have been using organs from executed prisoners. They did this because they want to deflect the allegations of their involvement in harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. They want to put up a smoke screen by raising the issue of the "brain-dead" donors, thereby shifting the increasing focus of attention of Western governments, the media, and the general public away from their brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. As always, behind their superficial pledges in all sincerity and seriousness are clumsy lies.

From Chen Zhonghua's personal response on the issue it becomes obvious that he does not seem to feel very optimistic about the effectiveness of the smoke screen and is pretending to be innocent, ready to kick the ball back to the Ministry of Health at any time. There are more interesting acts to see!

The CCP has other kinds of smoke screens besides this one. For example, there are occasional cases of organ transplants where donations are from family members. In these instances all the mainstream media in China are given unlimited publicity, to the extent that most people believe that the organs used in the transplants are all from family members. They "expose" the fraudulent organ sales on the Internet to make people think that selling organs on the Internet is illegal, while in fact the biggest organ trade on the Internet is operated by the Chinese Communist regime. They "expose" how some evil hospitals treat human life as if it were not worth a straw in order to make profits. Their goal is to mislead people into shifting all their anger onto those evil hospitals to cover up the fact that organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners is supported and tacitly approved by the CCP authorities, and it is carried out with the extensive participation of government departments and employees. The list of such deceptions goes on and on.

No matter how many more smoke screens the Chinese Communist regime can cook up, all they do is show their fear and shamelessness. In the interests of justice and morality, can the Chinese Communist regime answer the following three most basic questions?

A. Where did the organs used in the rapidly increasing number of organ transplants come from after the persecution of Falun Gong started?

B. Where is the complete record of each of these organ transplants?

C. Why does the CCP keep delaying the issue of visas for the members of the Coalition of Independent Investigation that are requesting entry to China to investigate, on-site, the allegations of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners?

The time when these questions are answered will be the time when the Chinese Communist Party, guilty of so many evil crimes, is brought to justice by the universe. We firmly believe that day is not too far away!

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