Austria: Falun Gong Practitioners Protest against the Singapore Authorities' Unjust Verdict

On December 7th, 2006, Austrian Falun Gong practitioners held an activity in front of the Singapore Embassy in Vienna to protest against the Singapore authority’s unjust guilty verdict against two Falun Gong practitioners. This verdict disregards the Singapore constitution, violates the law in Singapore and International conventions. It’s simply to appease the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Austrian Falun Gong practitioners strongly urge the Singapore authority to correct this undermining of human rights, and to release the two innocent Falun Gong practitioners Ng Chye Huay and Erh Boon Tiong immediately.

Practitioners displayed banners in Chinese and English reading “To the Singapore authority, don’t be the CCP’s accomplice in the persecution of Falun Gong”. Many passers-by understood the truth. When the activity was coming to an end, a man working in the Embassy came out and took pictures of our banners, and said that he will ask his boss to send the photos back to Singapore.

Protesting opposite the Singapore Embassy

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