Czech Republic: Hunger Strike in Brno Exposes the Truth about Organ Harvesting from Falun Gong Practitioners in China

This was the fourth hunger strike in the Czech Republic in one month, and was to expose the CCP's bestial crime of removing organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. The protest took place in Brno.

Over the last four weeks, Falun Gong practitioners from the Czech Republic contacted members of the Czech parliament, Mayors of cities and small towns, media, all artists in theatres and musicians, organisations for human rights as well as many others to let them know about the terrible crimes of organ harvesting happening in China to Falun Gong practitioners today. Many of them responded quickly by signing the petition calling for the end to the persecution and the release of all Falun Gong practitioners from concentration camps, as well as encouraging organisations such as the UN to start investigating these crimes.

It has been two weeks since the last hunger strike was organised in the historical centre of Brno. The placement of the activities was the same as always, but this time the atmosphere was somehow calmer. The day was nice and warm and people were very open to learn about the persecution and organ harvesting in China. Many were coming for flyers, very interested, many took a flyer and read it while walking away, but, after several steps they stopped, turned around and went straight to the petition to sign it. This scene was quite common.

When explaining the facts to passers-by, it was clear how moved they were by this terrible news. One older lady was reading banners about the suffering practitioners must bear under the persecution. For her it was hard to accept, she was very moved and when signing the petition she had tears in her eyes. She left with words "I maybe shouldn't have taken this path today.“ Practitioners explained to her what an important and good deed she did. Before she left she added, "I hope this will help.“

A few steps further you could see a little boy with his mother. He had a lot of questions about all what he saw on the display boards: "Mom, why do they harm these people, when you say they are good?“ His mother patiently kept explaining to him what the communist regime is, what its nature is and how it treats people. When his mom answered the question, "What is the petition and what is it for“, he replied, "So go sign it. Please, mum, don't be shy. Go sign the petition.“ Then both walked to the table.

People from different religious groups showed their support talking about the decreasing morality in the world. That truthfulness, compassion and forbearance is needed in the world today and atrocities as killing people by taking their organs while they are still alive to sell them is something that needs to be stopped and doesn't belong in the 21st century.

Two young men from the United States, when listening to the truth about the concentration camps in China, Sujiatun hospital, organ harvesting and other things said, "Yeah, that is ridiculous when the communist regime chooses who can come to do the investigation and, even, they only show them what they want them to see.“ They added their signatures to the petition calling for real and independent investigations in the Chinese labour camps and the end of the persecution of Falun Gong.

Many people added also their written commentaries. Here are some of them:

"This goes far beyond humanity. We must stop it.“

"There is not too much we can say about such horror. We must do something about it!“

"We need to fight for the freedom of these people. One for all, all for one.“

"How can we turn a blind eye to this nowadays?“

"I don't beg for them, I ask YOU (the government) to help these people.“

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